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hi serena,

i’m super new to the panty selling game, setting things up as quickly as i can but there’s just so much to set up! i’m a bit overwhelmed, but having fun already and i haven’t even put anything up for sale yet. i’m chomping at  the bit to go fwd but i’m a bit paranoid about my privacy. i’ve been scouring the forums but can’t seem to find the answer to this question:

can you set up an alert pay account with your seller name and a fake address or PO box (i’m in the the states) and get away w it? i don’t know how these things work, probably used paypal twice in my life, but in the registration for alert pay it seems like you have to give yr real info. their site doesn’t explain it in the privacy policy. i will send them an email but i also wanted to ask you bc i love yr site, and all your advice has been so helpful. yr clearly very successful and i admire that.

wish me luck and please write back,


Hi Eden
Please read these entries.

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