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Just curious, it just seems that everyone wants to pay with paypal but I don’t accept paypal, because I can’t afford the fine,  I would accept amazon gift cards I but there isn’t anything I want from the amazon website LOL! So what can I do?



It depends where you’re from, but is fantastic, you can buy absolutely anything from there, clothes,  books, make up, panties, gardening tools. Name it, they have it! I dont know about Amazon in other countries but you may want to check it out.

You can add your Amazon vouchers (also known as Gift Cards) to your account and spend it on whatever you wish to buy. A huge advantage of Amazon Vouchers is privacy. Vouchers can be emailed to and from an anonymous party so no-one will need to disclose names etc other than an email address.

You are doing the right thing by staying away from Paypal, and you may want to check Alertpay as an acceptable alternative.



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