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Hi Serena,
I am a bookkeeper but for fun i work as a phone/chat operator. many of my callers always request underwear, toys, clothes, shoes etc of which i am not allowed to do (not allowed when taking calls) so i decided to have a look on line to see if other people did it. to my amazement there are lots of women doing it so i thought i would give it a go. i have designed a web site in rough and am looking into getting it built, hosted etc but it is very expensive. i can use a computer but have no idea how to build a web site. i was wondering if you could give me a few pointers or recommend anything to me.


Hello K
There are a few options you could try, check, its a free auction site and you wont need to set up a website to sell there, this way you can test the water and see if you enjoy it!
If you decide to go all the way, have a look at, they sell very good packages which include domains, hosting and already made templates for apx USD $55 per year.
You can actually start by signing up with a free blog (example, but you can’t use it as a commercial site), and then upgrade to the package and domain (
Take a look at this link to sign up for a free blog
and see here how to upgrade
Its fairly simple once you get your head around it, just make sure you read their T&C as X-rated content is not permitted.
Also, is a great verification service for new sellers! I ‘d recommend it.
Things to bear in mind:
Most of the free website hosts such as Webs, Weebly, Freewebs ect do not allow adult content, if you use them you’ll end up with your account being frozen.
The good news is there are loads of adult friendly free website hosts out there,, Moonfruit, Tumblr are all very popular and very user friendly.
Make sure you read the host T&C before you sign up, not after!
Give me a shout if you need a hand, its a lot of fun, but also hard work ; )



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