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hi Serena!

I am a 20 yo girl looking to get into the used panty business – see, I am VERY highly sexed, get wet all day fantasizing and flirting shamelessly with any man or girl who catches my eye … etc etc. 😉  so the prospect of selling used panties to strange men turns me on like MAD!

my question is very basic: what is the best way to get started, make contacts, etc.?  I want to be independent, that is not join any conglomerate sites etc., and ideally could avoid using PayPal (for obvious reasons).  I’d like to find a medium that allows me to share my enthusiasm with clients, a very personalised interface, as well.

thank you so much in advance for your time, I so admire your work!




The best way (but not the cheapest way) to get started without joining existing panty sites is to build up your own one, this way you can be totally independent.

You’ll need to generate your own traffic which isn’t cheap nor fast, also, you need to have some basic tech skills. It takes around 1 year for a new sites to get a decent ranking spot, so unless you pay for adverting, things might take a little longer to develop (check pantytrust.com, it helps!).

As far as contacts goes, Panty Hog is possibly the best free network you can join, there you can engage with other sellers and share links etc, just make sure you research the seller you’d want to share with, or you might end up getting the wrong type of traffic and attention for you. 

Paypal is easy avoided, take a look at AlertPay Biz account details here.


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