Soft and Pink Presents…

Hello everyone!

I just joined and would like to introduce myself. Im Kirsten and I started Soft and Pink as an outlet for young women to sell their panties and socks on eBay. Per eBay rules, the panties modeled will not be the ones sold, but are only to show what they look like. Wink

I place ads online, in local papers and at college campus bulletin boards to get a wide range of young women to model my items. They model my panties, socks and other items and I take pictures of them in the items and list them on eBay.

Once I get a good group of girls, I will launch a website, but until then, you can bid on the girls in the Adult section on eBay. My eBay ID is [b]soft_and_pink[/b] and all my auctions have in the title "Soft and Pink presents…".



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