SOLANGEXXX has finally updated her member pages

SolangeAfter a long time….well too long…..I finally updated my memberpage here at Pantyhog. There's updated personal information, info about the stuff I sell,my other memberpages-site's and blog-and I even added a brand new page that contains some extra info about shipping and handling, packaging and payments. Since I have a new payment option called Secondlife.

Come on and visit my new member page here. I'm sure you wont regret it. I have added some super hot pics too. Before I forget I recently also have some new auctions up at The Auctions at Panty Hog . Something for the pussy and ass lovers and something for my beloved footfreaks. While I was at it i have also updated my mepage and store. So I did a lot of work for you to enjoy! And I know you are going to enjoy all of it Smile !  

xoxo Solangexxx 


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