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Hi folks, I’ve just launched what I hope will be the definitive Used Panty Survey which explores buyer preferences in everything from panty styles, fabrics and colours, through to your ideal kind of panty seller and how you decide on which girl to buy from.

I plan to release a summary of the survey results for the benefit of the used panty community. But your privacy is of the highest importance to me, so no personal information will ever be revealed. As a special incentive for you there are some sexy panty photo sets of myself and my wonderful friends who are helping promote the survey (including Serena, Nadia & Yasmin from ColumbiaHotPanties and Laura from Laura’s Secrets). But hurry, they are only available for the first 100 survey respondents.

To take the survey, visit my website http://christyspanties.sensualwriter.com and click on the survey link. Thanks for your support!

NB: This survey is strictly for serious panty sniffers/panty buyers.


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