New Adult Auction Service Announced

Ebare adult online auction growing rapidly ? are you selling there yet?

Ebare AnnoucementEbare adult online auctions launched very quietly on December 15th 2004 and less than 8 weeks on its membership has grown to over 500+ and is increasing daily. Selling all adult related items dvds sex toys, lingerie, fetish items ( used panties and pantie pics a speciality and selling at an amazing rate) current successful sales now top 594  with ?3721.51 worth of bids currently placed (figures correct as at 13.10pmGMT 15/2/05) that?s an average of  10.6 sales per day every day already.

Sharing in Ebares success are some of the best panty sellers on the web. Ebare is also exclusively linked to Babestation TV, Pantydraw, saucypanties, worn4u and many others. Just on board are UKDirtyPanties and Chandies Panties, with whom we look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Ebare is a fair and honest site, we look after our sellers, because without them ? there wouldn?t be a site!

There are no gimmicks or promotions ? just FREE basic listings and end of auction fees ONLY IF YOU SELL. If you don?t ? no fee. You only pay us when you?ve been paid yourself. Our sellers will never be out of pocket.

We believe that by installing trust in our members ultimately will lead to a long and fruitful partnership for all. Non-paying buyers are not just left bad feedback ? whats the point? If they don?t pay (after an acceptable time) they are warned about being banned from the site. If they still don?t pay after that they are gone and blocked. Our sellers are of the utmost importance to us. Also scam traders ? we don?t intend having any on our site ? we don?t want the rest of the honest sellers tarred with the same brush.

Ebare have a great many other plans for the future ? details will be posted here when confirmed. So the question is???..are you a member yet?


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