Pip's Introduction

Hello, hello! to all the lovely panties loving people out there.  My name is Pip and I am currently a “Brit abroad” just arrived in Canada.  A little while ago I posted some pics on possibly familiar little website…MUPS.  I met some nice people there who felt just as I do about worn panties,  it made me feel very hot and realised that this was the excitement I’d been looking for.

My work brings me to Canada right now, since arriving I have been able to steal a few moments to myself and indulge in knicker or panties shopping. I had the most brilliant time and wanted to start sharing them right away.  I have a website I’m sure there’s something there we could work on together.  For now I’m tired and the heat is so hot in this place I have to sleep naked in just my simple white cotton panties. So night night for now and keep those pretty panties coming girls.

Pip x


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