Reply To: Re: How long have you realised your panty fetish?


Well, I’ve had a fetish for tights and such since the early 90’s (mid-teens). Back then, I knew a very pretty girl who wore those thick cable knit tights all the time. Even in hot Florida. As far as underwear, probably just before I joined this site. I was poking around on saucypanties (a no no apparently around here lol) and found it exciting. I was intrigued by the stains and such, and that’s what I like now.

As far as my main fetishes, footed pajamas and protective masks, I’ve had it since I was maybe 8, the very onset of my sexual feelings. I had a babysitters that had daughters about my age, and two always wore footed pjs. And masks, probably just because I’ve had so much time in hospitals, so I’ve gotten to see pretty women wear them all my life.

But I digress.


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