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My policy has always been not to participate as a nominee in the annual awards and I'm sticking to it. I really do very much appreciate all of the kind things I hear from members throughout the year, and I am happy that people have found Panty Hog to helpful in their enjoyment of the used panty fetish. If people find the site helpful and use it, that really is thanks enough.

This year a nomination was sent in by Mr. E nominating me for an award. While, I don't run for the awards, Mr. E wrote such a nice nomination that I certainly wanted to acknowledge it and felt that it wouldn't be polite not to publish it after he had taken the time to write it. Most members don't know Mr. E because he isn't a panty buyer (at least he says!), he does drop by occasionally and posts in the forum. However, while you may not know him, you know his work as he has very generously helped me out on several occasions with technical workings of the site. Most notably, he cleaned up the code in our forum when Panty Hog changed to a new forum script earlier this year. It is because of his work that the older posts in the forum are readable and were saved from being lost forever. I honestly have no idea how Mr. E found us or why he is so helpful to the Panty Hog community, but it is great people like him that come out of the blue to help out just because they are kind that keeps me going. Thank you Mr. E,  you are a great friend of the Panty Hog community. 

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Mr. E's nomination write up:

No one is more deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award than PK. He has been involved with the used panty community since his high school days. In the 1980s he created and ran the first ever used panty Bulletin Board System. He has helped friends sell their wares through classified ads, auctions and websites. His dedication to the used panty community culminated in 2004 with the creation of the usedpantyportal aka Panty Hog, this site we all know and love so well.

Panty Hog has grown to become the #1 venue for used panty lovers, both buyers and sellers alike. It provides a real community where members can share everything from advice and information to a joke and a laugh. Sellers get access to a wealth of information, blogs, classified ads, auctions and more all provided completely free. Buyers get to interact with sellers, post and read reviews, browse photo galleries and much more, again all completely free.

But all this does not just happen. A site of the size and complexity of Panty Hog requires considerable effort to run and maintain. PK give his time and energy selflessly, and with all too little thanks, ensuring that we have a community that we can all enjoy.

So, for a true lifetime dedication and for his achievement in creating the best venue for the used panty community, I nominate PK for the Lifetime Achievement Award and urge you to show your appreciation by your vote.


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