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Pony GirlYaaaay! I am so thrilled to have been nominated this year! I have been selling my panties for a couple of years now, and have been running my own site for the last 16 months. Panty Hog has always been a huge help to me, without it I would no doubt still be selling on the auction sites all on my lonesome! Through Panty Hog I have learnt all about selling (what and what NOT to do!), and have made some great friends.
I really enjoy selling, which I think is the most important thing in a panty girl (if you don't truly enjoy it, it shows). I have always had a kinky side, which has now been well and truly unleashed! I soon graduated from selling panties to photos, dvds and other goodies, which I love doing and make me feel sexy as hell! I pride myself on providing an honest, friendly and reliable service, and of course, perfect panties! The best part of selling for me is hearing from satisfied customers who have enjoyed my goodies.

 To anyone who doesn't know me, have a peek at my site… www.ponygirlpanties.com . Check out my 'About' page for all you could ever want to know about me!! 😉
A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, the hugest thank you of all goes to the lovely boys (and girls!) who have been my customers and friends. Heres to another year of panty fun and frolics!
Much Love,
PG xx

Nominated for the following categories: Seller of the Year, Friendly Seller Award



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Difficult to chose 1 girl only but having flipped a coin several times my choice is Ponygirl. Ponygirl has matured into the perfect seller over the last year. Everything she does and provides is always to the highest standards and never sent until she is happy with the product whether it be a pair of her finest, a DVD or a simple e-mail message. Her contributions on the forums are always worthwhile and beneficial. Her site is easy to navigate, there's loads to chose from and you know that it's delivered with pleasure from her. In my view she is the all round seller who has done her homework, learnt from the past pros and quietly put herself towards the top of the league.


A genuine girl with an amazing body and the kindest personality.
I truly believe that anyone who approaches PG can expect professionalism from a good nature and easy going lovely lady!


 I think Pony Girl should win the Golden Seller Award because not only is she completely gorgeous with the most amazing figure I've ever seen – and I have the photos to prove it 🙂 – but she is an absolute delight to buy from. She really went out of her way to cater for my every need and in every email I received from her it was clear she takes her panty selling very seriously but she was above all very friendly.
Then, onto the best bit! My parcel arrived exactly when she said it would and when I opened it up it was all the little extras that made it even more exciting! It was very carefully wrapped with little plastic hearts and a lovely hand-written card and the knickers were vacuum sealed to maintain every bit of her luscious scent!
I would thoroughly recommend Pony Girl to any buyer as I think she's simply the best … and for that reason she should win the Golden Seller Award.


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