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Pony GirlI decided to take up an option that Ponygirl ( http://www.ponygirlpanties.com ) has on her site in that she now offers to do a DVD of her wearing and playing in the panties of your choice that you buy from her And I`m so damn happy that I did!!!  But first let me tell you about the panties that I now have in my hands hehe.

As always they were so beautifully wrapped and placed within one of her special little pouches as you can see.

Inside the package I received were not only her panties, but the DVD and a lovely hand written note too .

Inside the pouch was the thong that I had ordered and sealed in a vacuum bag to retain thei freshness and dampness.

So I duly open it and was as always with ponygirl's panties I was greeted with a wonderful and beautiful sweet aroma. The panties/thong i had chosen were white with a strawberry on the front of them and I really love them even more now that I have them all to myself hehe

I held the up to my nose to smell her scent and to take some deep breaths to inhale even more and then I licked the still damp and sticky crotch of the thong. Oh my, dose she smell and taste so wonderful! hehe
Once again i`m over the moon with ponygirl`s thong and all that she has done to make this a wonderful experience for me.

Okay now to the DVD !

To see her there wearing those panties that i had chosen was so wonderful! And when you teased me by pulling your panties forward to let me have a glimpse of you, it really made my heart flutter. Then to see her lay back and rub her hands over those cute firm breasts of her`s was truly delightful 
When she sat back up and began to play with herself thru her panties and sometimes letting her hand slip underneath got the desired affect on me. As she fingered herself more and more, i loved the way she moved, her thighs seem to pulsate with every thrust of her fingers, and also the way she wiggled her bum in time too . Hearing her at once stage let out a little moan of delight as she really got carried away and then stopping before she got to carried away

She then started to play with her breasts again, i was so frilled but i did noticed that she couldn`t help herself and have another little rub down below too.
Seeing her lay back down again, she pulled the panties aside and play with her lips, then insert a finger within herself and hearing every sound she made, like hearing how wet she was already as she poked her finger in and out of her vagina and seeing those involuntary moves of her body again. was just breath taking to me.

When she got out her ”special” rechargeable friend i knew i was going to enjoy seeing her use it and i wasn`t disappointed at all. I loved that i was able to see her in several positions with it and again to hear the sounds of her juices as she worked her toy within her. Then when she changed over to the other one, and placed it on her lips and clitoris, her whole body seems to come alive. To hear her catching her breath as she started to reach her climax and then to see those oh so lovely involuntary move`s she make`s as she dose, was an experience that i loved seeing. The little moan that she gave out between each breath as she got very near to her orgasm and then when she did, Her legs reacted and her tummy went tight as she came and she gave out a bigger moan of delight as her body continued to shake and shudder, i was so there, it was as if i was right there in front of her watching in person! I really love it when she just lay`s there after she had cum to catch her breath and to compose herself while she and her body recovered and the gentle way she rubbed her hands over her breasts.

Then once she had recovered she then did that little magic thong disappearing trick! i was blown away seeing it all being inserted within her! I was thinking to myself…..Now wear did the panties go?” It brought such a wonderful smile to may face, i was grinning like a Chester cat! and wanting to shout out….I KNOW WERE!!! hehe then after she had pulled them back out. she wiped them over and inside her pussy to soak up even more of her juices Even today as i write this they are still damp and her scent is still there as i hold then close and taste/smell her yet again.

Thank you PG


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