A Shirt's Tail – Final Part

Final Part
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She eventually got up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom i followed her every step with my eyes looking at her gorgeous pert bottom, her gait produced a deliciously cute little wiggle, on the right side of the bed where she had been laying there was a visible damp patch a mixture of her’s and my enjoyment. When she returned from the bathroom after a while her naked body was almost a silhouette in the near darkened room she saw i was laying on the right side of the bed and smiled as she realised the reason for my new position, she snuggled up to me on the dry left side of the duvet.

My cock was still flacid but that was about to change as Christine licked her fingers and circled her nipples, i reached over to massage her breasts but she pushed my hand away she wanted to put on a show for me to encourage my hardness to return and the sooner the better! she tweaked her nipples using her moist fingers they stood proud and firm and so tantalisingly suckable, after promoting her little buds to a full erection she sucked on two fingers and moved them down to her crotch and eased them into her eager pussy after some vigorous probing she took them out and slipped them into her mouth enjoying how she tasted, watching a woman pleasure herself is a highly erotic sight and my cock began to stir much to her delight, it wasn’t long before it was fully erect again i gently stroked the shaft to maintain it’s stiffness.
She wet her pussy again using her fingers as i lubricated my shaft with a mixture of saliva and cock juice she squated over my hardness and gently lowered herself onto my rock hard muscle, she gasped as she eased herself down the full length of my shaft her pussy had reached the base of my cock she then squated back up again to my tip she continually repeated this motion taking me deep inside her, her hands were behind her back resting on the top of my thighs the position was quite difficult to maintain so after a while she rested on her knees and rode my cock up and down. Her enjoyment of the delcious deep penetration my cock afforded her in this position caused creamy excitement to ooze from her pussy and coated my shaft as she continued to work my cock. She leant forward and placed the palms of her hands on the duvet her breasts were swinging in front of my face i cupped both breasts and sucked on her nipples that were as hard as rivets, her breathing started to become heavy her cries louder as the deepness of my cock inside her was bringing her close to the edge she was in total control of how much cock she took and how fast she took it.

She continued to thrust up and down my length as she kissed me hard on the lips she sat upright and placed her hands on my chest to keep herself steady and then began to rock back and forth at a constant pace, she knew as long as i kept my hardness she would cum she was pretty close last time and she knew that her point of no return now was not far off. She leant forward again the inside of her thighs were slapping down hard against the top of my thighs her breasts were swaying because of the intensity of her downward thrusts she straightened up again and continued to bounce up and down on my cock she rode it for all it’s worth. I groaned as i felt her pussy clamp my cock like a vice she let out a loud moan then another and then another, she threw her head back then forward she clenched her bum cheeks so tight i thought she was going to snap my cock in half her eyes were shut her face contorted as if she was in agony but in reality she was in ecstasy, her body shook as wave after wave of electric volts raced around her body from her head to her toes, i held onto her waist to stop her falling backwards such was the force of pleasure that had just crashed through her. Her loud moans had turned to softer sighs she slumped forward and rested her hands on my chest her head bowed she was struggling to catch her breath and was panting hard, her eyes were still shut she was motionless it was as if every muscle had tightened in her body and was paralysed. My cock was still hard inside her but her pussy was no longer interested in what it could it do for her. As her last contractions finally subsided and the after shocks were not so fierce she opened her eyes her breathing was not as heavy, she slowly lifted up her bum and my cock slid out of her gaping hole, she colapsed beside me her body glistened from beads of sweat she sighed deeply as she waited for her composure to return. She looked at me and smiled and we held each other in our arms she never spoke it was as if she didn’t have the energy to instead she just let out the occasional sigh, time moved on and the glow of contentment began to wash over us both we slowly started to drift and eventually succumbed to a deep satisfying sleep.

I awoke first, Christine was still asleep i decided to have a wash and tiptoed through the clothes that were scattered all over the floor and into the bathroom, my cock smelt of satisfied pussy i reluctantly washed the musky aroma from my shaft my back was a little sore but i didn’t pay much attention to it, i crept back into the bedroom it wasn’t long after Christine stirred, it was Sunday and mid morning i gave her a gentle kiss which produced a smile she yawned then stretched and then slowly made her way to the bathroom, my gaze was again transfixed on her cute little ass and sexy wiggle she stopped and picked up my shirt from the floor and carried on towards the bathroom. 
I was laying on my stomach on the bed  when i heard her shriek then profoundly apologise for the scratches on my back that she had given me during our night of passion. I was rather proud of how i earned them almost like a badge of honour!  I turned over to see Christine’s hair was still slightly damp from her shower and she was wearing my lime green shirt she reassured me it was ok it had passed her hygiene test! much to my relief. The shirt was oversized for her and she had only the bottom two buttons done up to teasingly reveal a glimpse of her breasts her pussy was covered up by the shirt but knowing she was naked underneath made the sight of her in my shirt even more arousing, she certainly looked a damn sight better in it than i did! my cock began to stiffen, on seeing my reaction to her she told me to behave in a mock chastising tone. 
We spent the rest of the day lazily in bed intermittently giving pleasure to each other’s bodies using an assortment of kisses, licks, thrustings and strokes.
It was in the early hours of Monday morning when i reluctantly had to go i picked up my shirt which had been discarded on the floor once again and got dressed i had Christine’s phone number in my pocket and i gave her a long lingering kiss with touching tongues, i said my goodbyes and on my way out i could smell an exquisite cocktail of aromas from my shirt which Christine had left for me her rich perfume mixed with creamy body lotion and invigorating shower gel meant my shirt never smelt so good!

I never did get to see Christine again ‘ships that pass in the night’ and all that and i never wore the shirt again either alas it was eventually lost in the midst of time. The shirt may have been the subject of ridicule for some but the way Christine teasingly wore my lime green and black fashion statement and the gorgeous mixtures of scents she left behind on it meant for me it held a very fond and long lasting memory………..

So the moral of this story is…………..Ladies, if you’re on a night out and you see a guy wearing a dodgy shirt remember, it’s not about the wrapping it’s what’s inside that counts! 😉


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