Stewart's Week inPantyland 5

Stewart’s Week in Pantyland

Week 5:22nd July



There is only one way to begin this week’s column – with the sad news that Serena will no longer be a regular fixture on MUPS. After six highly eventful years, Serena is permanently retiring from the scene. I shall miss her presence, her guidance, her support, and above all her friendship. I wish her all the best in further ventures, whatever they may be, and thank her sincerely for all she has done for me and the site. Her retirement letter can be read at

Arriverderci Serena, ci vediamo più tardi, io spero x

Congratulations Hazel

It gives me great delight to congratulate the new MUPS manager – Hazelbiglips. It could not have gone to a more worthy, a more knowledgeable and above all more well-suited person. Hazel will do Serena proud; I have no doubts – well done Hazel.


Several members have returned safely to the fold this week. After taking an enforced absence, Juicy-Lucy came home to MUPS and it was a real delight to see her blog detailing her return, as well as the immediately resumption of her much lauded pyjama game. RedDevil99 is back after relocation and Shortcake returns after being away. Lucky Nicole is with us again after a hectic spell. Her previous post was I’m Still Alive – I guess she still is, and I for one am glad.


Phishing Scam

Penelope has kindly reported of the latest phishing scam doing the rounds concerning Alertpay, and of the tell-tale signs to help you avoid the scam. This was a great forum post on a vital issue to pretty much everybody on MUPS. I would advise everyone to read her post and take on board the points raised: thanks for sharing your advice and technological know how with us Pen.

Panty Trust poll

I wish to remind all Panty Trust members that the polls are open for proposed changes to terms and conditions. Several members are still to vote on what are important considerations and your help with this matter would be very much appreciated.

Jetta goes live

Last week I pronounced Jetta the ‘Video Queen’: this week it became clear why she is so great in front of the camera – Jetta is a broadcast journalist. She certainly has had a hugely significant week, appearing live on a TV news report. She has now been working full-time for two years in this sector, and prior to landing this position she studied at a private theatre school for several years – that is why the camera loves her. I only wish it had been my thong she was wearing whilst on TV – one day! Congratulations Jetta, great job.


MUPS is the Mother of Invention

A stellar period for members demonstrating their creative talents has been in evidence since the previous column. Nicethings1983 deserves a special mention for replicating the most intimate part of her intimates with skin-coloured silicone mix. This is for sale, with a sexy thong into the bargain. Demonstrating similar creative flair, KatyKitten inaugurated a competition on her group for new buyers to win a used thong. Those skilled/lucky enough to correctly guess her height shall be entered into a draw for the undies. Also, Nookie_Lookie plans to create satin knickers out of a bed set, and earlier in the week composed a tune for this very column – excellent work by all three ladies.



A great forum from last week, Jetta’s Girls on girls, asking how ladies feel when their profile is viewed by other girls, has taken its natural course this week. After several responses to the original question, Mathias has asked what males think about their profile being viewed by other males. The general consensus has been one of ‘it doesn’t bother me’, and I concur with this – I do not see how anyone can be dismayed or angry just because a MUPS member of the same sex has perused their profile.

The issue of whether panties should remain in the Ziploc/sandwich bags they arrived in was asked by nonmipiacelemutandini’G’ this week. DirtyVirgin agrees with my view (as does Rosco) that once dry, the condition of the underwear would remain the same, and thus, it does not matter if the bag is discarded. However, she also mentioned the ‘steaming kettle method’ in order to reinvigorate the scent, although it appears she is not a fan of this technique. Hazelbiglips also wrote of buyers who are partial to placing their panties in the microwave in order to re-release the scent. These are both methods I have never tried before, but great to know that it isn’t only sellers who are getting creative. I don’t believe that I would ever try the microwave method to be honest – I love my knickers as much as the next panty perve, but that is where I bake my potatoes.  Be interested to hear of other methods in operation in pantyland to maximise, reinvigorate and prolong scents.



A very quiet start to the week in MUPS blogland gave way to an exciting and eventful flourish. Minxylaveau is enjoying her new job working in a sex shop, Nicethings1983 has a range of Disney knickers, and Dr Thong blogged yesterday to tell all of her unintentional wet T-shirt flash on the London underground (sadly no pictures).

Nookie_Lookie forged a great blog Little Quirks about the little nuances that make us who we are. Two of hers related to food (the other masturbation), which I am sure rings true for most of us. Jetta has produced great blogs all week and I particularly enjoy the visual accompaniment with her blogs. This was particularly true of her Brunette – my favourite blog of hers this week. Jetta’s hair (as with all things Jetta) regularly receives compliments on MUPS, and in this blog we are invited to comment on our favourite style. My choice of was the soft, wavy curled look: a popular choice amongst other readers and the first time a blog vote of mine has won.


                        Blog of the week

BlondeThong has been a consistent blog contributor this week, my favourite arriving yesterday – My First XXX Video. BT describes her forays into video making; as well as the public’s labelisation of adult film stars, particularly female ones, as ‘sluts’, ‘whores’, and ‘easy’. The blog progresses to detail the difficulties the stars face when their careers come to an end. The underlying thesis of the piece appears to be one of whether an intellectual life and a pornographic career can both be achieved – must they be viewed as being mutually exclusive? Will porn continue to be viewed as a taboo profession? I admire BT’s openness, the blog is well-written, and the pace and development of the writing are both sublime.

Personally, pornography for me has always tended to be in pictorial form – pornographic videos tend not be my cup of tea. The expressions and depictions are more captivating in pictures, a timeless quality that is only briefly replicated in film. Furthermore, porn has always been of a better quality when it has been of a poorer quality – amateur over professional every time. All of which leads me to be in a position whereby I do not have a particular affinity for any particular actresses. Intellectualism is the biggest turn-on of all. I would like to believe that the picture BlondeThong painted in her blog is incorrect; however, I do not have enough knowledge on the subject to be able to say with any confidence either way. A great, thought-provoking blog.


Please Don’t Sue Me

After a quiet week last week, my thirst for panties has fully returned and I have been the grateful recipient of a few orders – I got my tweeties! The incident which led to this resurge in interest was possibly a shopping trip with my best friend last weekend. Quite why she regards me as ‘great to shop with’ remains a mystery, but nevertheless off we went to waste the weekend sun amongst sweaty, impatient, and down-right rude shoppers in Leeds City Centre. We ended-up in Anne Summers –I hate that place. I find the staff so condescending to men and they take great delight in embarrassing any males brave enough to cross the threshold. In fairness, perhaps the store near you is different? Jacqueline Gold claims, ‘My philosophy has always been to encourage women to feel good about themselves and their sexuality’ – but must this be at the expense of men: would it not be better to feel good about our sexualities together? The shop always has been, and probably always will be, the domain of women only. When my friend (who I have known since the age of five as our parents were friends) asked me what I thought of the Jiggle Balls on offer and whether she should go for them, I wanted the ground to swallow me up…..I think I just muttered something about them being a fetching shade of pink and cracking value at only £10.


I have been lucky enough to frequent several knicker shops with Claire in our almost thirty years’ friendship, and thoroughly enjoyed many of them – there’s just something about Anne Summers which irks me greatly. I find it a bit forced, with a lack of subtlety and absence of charm. However, helping your best friend who you have known for many years and regard like another sister select sex toys, in any store, is not a scenario I wish to relive anytime soon. We later ventured into Peacocks (ever-so-slightly upmarket Primark) and my interest in the panty isle was duly noted. I was told in no uncertain terms that I am a ‘lost cause, devoid of class’ (although the lecturer did have a smile on her face).



Two new groups this week: CillaBee4’s Sexy Fun Party, and LolaGold’s Lola’s Laundry. Both groups have done exceedingly well in acquiring fans, having only been onsite for a few days, and I wish them both well. A particularly great week for activity within groups, with girls regularly updating pictures, videos and competitions.



Tuesday evening witnessed a thoroughly enjoyable discussion in the MUPS chat room on subjects ranging from Juicy-Lucy’s pyjamas, unemployment, biscuits, and an offer to make a mould of LolaGold’s bottom. Attempts have been made to resurrect the chat room on Panty Hog and I can see why with at least eleven participants on MUPS providing a veritable kaleidoscope of colour with a lively, interesting, and in some cases eye-opening exchange of views.


There Are More Questions than Answers…

Responses to questions raised on Panty Wiki are at an all-time low in terms of quantity. Sherri raised the question regarding the importance of free shipping to buyers, ‘Does free shipping really help with sales’. In my opinion, if I am eager to buy from a certain buyer, whether or not free shipping is on offer makes little difference; although, as Issy707 stated last week, the price of postage in the UK is set to increase. Rachael asked how many free pictures should be given to potential buyers, with the consensus being only a few to regulars, with new buyers only receiving those already advertised.


New Arrivals

Several new arrivals this week including T-lulu, Coco, SexeyBecca and Sweetcandee who have all joined MUPS. Cynthialove, Blonde18coed, Aprilaries and Darlingnena (a ‘bohemian art student’) have all registered with Panty Hog. I wish everyone a pleasant stay on planet panty.


And finally…

So what have we learned this week?

·         Always sit opposite Dr Thong on the tube.

·         Sex toy shopping is not a spectator sport.

·         Kettle usage should not be confined to making tea or coffee.

·         We are under new guidance and leadership on MUPS.

·         Always watch the news, particularly in the US, you never know who you will encounter.






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