Happy Holidays and New Year! We're looking forward to a great next year.

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 It is hard to believe it, but 2007 has wizzed by. The Golden Panty Awards are  complete and a new year is days away. Panty Hog would like to wish everyone a very happy Holiday season and terrific New Year! We hope that all of our friends here are looking forward to spending some time with family and good friends over the next week, and that your 2008 will be your best year ever.  

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved and who has contributed to Panty Hog in 2007. You, our members, moderators, editors, and general helpers, have once again made Panty Hog THE place for the used panty community this past year. (please click "read more")

Panty Hog has some big changes in store for this coming year. The Auctions at Panty Hog have been completely rebuilt and the new site will open in the next days. The old auction area will be gone and now the area will actually be a full optioned selling area. Panty sellers and buyers will find opportunities to place and bid on traditional auctions, sell or purchase directly through a seller's store, and even make a monetary offer or a swap offer for items. A load of built-in payment options will allow buyers to pay for their items without ever having to leave the sales area. In addition, listings from the sales area will be conspicuously viewable directly on the main Panty Hog site.Happy Holidays and have a terrific New Year!

The main Panty Hog site hasn't changed its look and set up in several years. We have many users of the main Panty Hog site who don't use the Used Panty World site. Likewise, there are many people at Used Panty World who don't visit the main Panty Hog area. We are going to combine the best of both worlds and the main Panty Hog site is currently being redesigned so that members' profiles will become much more important and allow people to access a seller's information, member page, store items, forum posts, auctions, and galleries directly from the seller's profile. Used Panty World itself will be updated in design and function to become more "Myspace" like. Finally, the Panty Mall will open again to new sellers for those looking for a dedicated, standalone sales store. Keep your eye out for news regarding these updates and changes.


 Happy Holidays!



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