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Used Panty & Lingerie Community Opens

Cleveland, Ohio (December 1, 2004) CF Intertainment announced the official launch today of Panty Hog-The World’s Used Panty Portal ( The Panty Hog portal provides an exciting, interactive environment where used panty providers and their fans can discuss the fetish, find the latest panty-related news, and learn who’s who in the community. The portal serves all members of the lingerie and related fetish community by featuring news, press
releases, interviews, stories, photos, a community directory, and helpful information for those interested in getting involved with selling or buying used lingerie and related items on line. Panty Hog’s content is user submitted, and members of the community volunteer to take turns serving as editors and moderators.

W. Roberts who is more popularly known in the panty fetish community as the "Panty King" developed the used panty portal concept after noting the frustration among community members regarding the lack of a centralized information center that could be used as a gateway to the internet’s lingerie fetish areas. Mr. Roberts has been active in the panty fetish community for over twenty years, and is credited with developing what is likely the very first on line panty fetish "web site" in 1983 when he started a dial-in BBS hosted on an Atari 800.

According to Mr. Roberts, "The internet has created an explosion of interest in the lingerie and used panty fetish. At the present time, the internet holds countless panty fetish entertainment sites, adult auction services, panty top lists, panty link farms, panty classified pages, and an endless number of amateur ladies’ panty sales sites. Unfortunately, information regarding these resources is fragmented and spread haphazardly across the web. In addition, the competition between these sites has generally prevented the cooperation needed to form a comprehensive directory for this fetish community. Panty Hog hopes to address these problems by creating an unbiased, open forum where any and all information of interest to our community is welcome."

Panty Hog is a completely free resource that is open to any adult with an interest in the used panty and lingerie fetish. Any individual or commercial business is welcome and encouraged to post their panty fetish related stories, news items, announcements, offers, press releases, etc. While the used panty portal’s core focus is on panty and lingerie content, it is understood that many of the Panty Hog’s users interests extend to footwear and hosiery, and thus Panty Hog is open to content in these areas as well.

For more information, please visit the Panty Hog web site at http://www.usedpantyportal.comor email your questions directly to Panty Hog support at: [email protected].

(Submitted to adult news sources 12/1/04)


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