Panty Hog Will Be Closed On Tuesday, April 10th

Panty Hog Will Be closed for a site overhaul.Panty Hog, The Used Panty Portal will be closed for much of the day on Tuesday, April 10th for a complete site overhaul. If you have messages in your Panty Hog Personal Message system, please save them to your computer prior to Tuesday because your inbox will be empty when Panty Hog comes back on line. This closure will not affect the Auctions at Panty Hog, Used Panty World, or the Panty Mall. If you start to miss Panty Hog while we’re down, it moght be a good time to check out and use the chat system at Used Panty World, and/or to come visit Panty Hog in Second Life.

Later next week when the site is back up and stable, we will be announcing changes to the terms and use of Panty Hog. These changes will primarily impact used panty sellers only but may be very significant to some. Please make certain to watch Panty Hog starting Wednesday for the announcement regarding these changes to avoid finding your account closed the following week. This isn’t meant to panic anyone, and the changes will not involve any costs whatsoever, Panty Hog is and will always be free for all to use. The coming changes simply are needed to ensure that the services offered at Panty Hog are fair to everyone.

Happy Holiday, PK


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