Phishing Alert – Pantyluvrs dot com

Warning to members - Panty ScamPanty Hog has been made aware that a man who admits Here to posing as a woman to sell used panties has opened a web site to further these sales and has been spamming members of Panty Hog with email. Some of the emails reportedly go so far as to attempt to confuse members into believing that his site is actually associated with, or a new version of Panty Hog itself. To further confuse members, he has put our name, Used Panty Portal, into the headers of his site. Please be aware that Panty Hog has absolutely nothing to do with this site or person. Panty Hog is not moving, changing its name, or needing you to re-register. If you receive a phishing email claiming to be from Panty Hog, or even showing in the from address with information regarding a site move, renaming, asking you to register for Panty Hog, etc. Please contact us to check it's authenticity before acting on such information.


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