Photo Policy Reminder

For those that post photos anywhere on the Panty Hog sites (,,, please remember that our policy is that photos should not be sexually explicit. This means no focus primarily on your bare genitals, no masturbation photos, no photos showing sex acts/penetration. Nude and sexy are fine, but explicit photos should be offered between users privately through email.

The reason for this is a US law which would require us to keep extensive paperwork including a copy of your photo identification and a signed model release for each instance/photo that is sexually explicit regardless of any age verification system used to screen visitors to the site. We are well aware, and we have received questions from members regarding the fact that some other US-based sites frequented by the used panty community allow you to post explicit photos without this required documentation. That is their problem, and not our business, we are only concerned with keeping the Panty Hog family of sites in compliance with the law. Thank you for your understanding of this serious matter.


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