Random Auction of the Week

We’ve got hot and sexy women from all over the globe offering dirty panties, bras, stockings, socks, shoes, and more at The Auctions at Panty Hog. These ladies have carefully listed their items with photos and are waiting for your bids. Here’s a sample of a current offering:

Anni's White Mesh ThongsAnni's White Spandex Thongs Anni has two white thong auctions running (auction number 1175146864 and 1175153616) bid on your choice of lace mesh or stretchy spandex. Starting bid on both auctions? $5.00! You simply can’t beat the deals found when there isn’t any overhead for the sellers. The number of current deals with no bids is pathetic, I’m seriously starting to think that there are actually only five guys in the entire world who are into worn panties from genuine, sexy ladies.

Prove me wrong and visit the Auctions at Panty Hog today. You get off, you get an excellent deal, and you show the great ladies that list some love. She’ll thank you, your dick will thank you, and your wallet will thank you. Life is good.


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