Voting Has Ended

Panty Hog 2006 Golden Panty AwardsVoting for the 2006 Golden Panty Awards has now ended. As for the results, every nominee had a very strong showing. Not a one fell much behind the rest. Congratulations and a huge way to go to all the nominees, the voting shows that we really had some great ladies nominated this year. Thank you too to everyone who participated through voting.

The results will be announced live during a web cast in the Panty Hog video chat room. The planned day and time for this event is 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, January 14th. However we are still attempting to move this to Sunday, January 7th. The final decision on the date will be announced this week. Please note that you do need to be logged in to Panty Hog to access the chat room.


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