How to get your money back if a seller vanishes

The most important thing is to pay your panty seller with a legit method of payment which allows you to dispute a transaction should things go wrong.  There aren’t a great deal of payment choices for the adult business, but what’s available, as long as used appropriately, should be plenty for a safe used panty journey.

Alertpay – a buyer can dispute a transaction within 30 days of payment.  The process is simple and its done digitally, you will need to provide Alertpay with your transaction ID and explain how the seller has not sent the goods you ‘ve purchased. But you must do this within 30 days from the payment date, so make sure that the seller does not have an extended waiting time.

Credit Cards – All Credit Card companies offer a refund policy within 28 days from your purchase. You must contact them directly to activate a dispute.

For UK buyers – I’m still in the process of receiving details for this, however it appears that cheques and BACS can be disputed if you have paid for merchandise you have not received. Essentially you will be denouncing the recipient of your cheque/BACS for fraud, which will entitle you to your money back. Although I do not have time-scales for this, I would advise you to initiate such process within 30 days from when the money has left your account.

Cash in the post- There is no compensation for cash transactions. A post office receipt does not prove how much cash you have sent but only that you have sent it, therefor its a bit useless in these circumstances.

In my own experience, Alertpay is the most practical method of payment which guarantees you money back when a seller does not send you the merchandise, but you must be sure to file a fraud complaint within 30 days from when you have sent the money.

If you have waited longer then 30 days, you may not be in title to get any money back, but you should still report the seller for fraud.

Remember, 30 days.


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