Copy or not to Copy – There Is No Question in this Crime!

Copy or not to Copy – There Is No Question in this Crime!

 by Cindy of PantyParadise

New to starting up a website? Yes I know it can be very daunting when you have no idea how to code HTML – but nonetheless you still want everything done, finished, up and running as soon as possible so you can get on with the good stuff :-). WARNING: Don’t fall into that trap like many new site owners! I have had my site for years and built it up step by step and very slowly and have seen it grow from a very basic small 4 page site to a site which now boasts well over 50 pages.  (click readmore)

Google, Yahoo! and almost all the other search engines love my site. Google has placed my site top ranked in the main directory for months now, and my site can be easily found, usually on page 1, for all relevant panty search terms. How did I do this? Patience and keeping my site purely "me". Nothing on my site has been copied or stolen from other people, however, over the years a few have decided to copy or clone my site and try to pass it off as their own work. Getting ideas from other websites is absolutely acceptable and even encouraged so you know how to "fit in" and learn how the coding works – however getting ideas and blatant stealing are two very different things!

What happens when a site has been copied? Well, obviously the internet is a huge place so most people probably don’t even get close to finding out about it, however, the search engines DO know! They cache everything, usually a few times a week. If a site suddenly appears with copied text from another site who has had it longer, then the site with the copied content will be penalised for it! The webmaster with the copied site may not care about not being found in the Search Engines, but what happens if the webmaster of the original site finds out that it has been copied? This can get very nasty. Copyright infringement is serious and is breaking the law but still many people do not respect it. Any court will rule in favour of the site who has displayed the content longer and this can be easily proven by the cached pages from the Search Engines. Do the copycats have a spare few thousand dollars or pounds stashed away to fork out for compensation in case they are taken to court? I doubt it! Another thing to be concerned about is that the hosting company could just switch off the copied site without warning if they receive a complaint and feel it is justified. And, last but not least, the webmasters who steal will never be respected in the community if they don’t act appropriately… Shouting their mouth off when they have been caught or trying to turn the tables and claiming that they were the ones being copied just doesn’t work – it just makes them look very stupid; Shit sticks – is it really worth risking a good reputation because of pure laziness and copying someone else’s talent?

However.. in saying all this – maybe the site was originally designed by a company and the webmaster honestly had no idea their beautiful newly designed site was just yanked from someone else’s hard work and they have been ripped off by a so-called design company? So my first question is why rely on others to set up such a personal panty site, which should be reflecting you? How do you wish to run a site professionally that needs to be continuously updated when you cannot do it yourself? I cannot stress the importance of learning a little HTML before embarking on a new website. Don’t leave it up to other people – I can guarantee you that it might be all sweet and rosy at first, but did you consider that they might get tired of continuously updating it for you and charging you the earth to do it … or worse still – maybe your site was just completely copied from another site, which can have very severe consequences, as explained above! The most recent "attack" I have had was from a company who recently totally cloned my site and charged 500 dollars to the poor girl who asked to have a panty site designed! I have taken it upon myself to help the young lady rebuild her website as she was just as devastated as me when she found out she had a cloned site and was charged the earth for it! Copying or cloning is not funny and its not cool. If you want full control over your site and gain respect in the community then it doesn’t matter if your site looks more amateurish than one that has been running for years – you’re clients will still love you because your site is YOU. If you get stuck then just ask for help; myself and many other girls will be more than happy to help you out 🙂

Try and remember that you are selling panties and your other personal items – not cars, financing or jelly moulds!!!! BE YOURSELF! Learn a little bit of HTML, write from your own heart, and I guarantee that within 6 months your site will look 100 times better than something that has been taken from other people. Not only will potential buyers appreciate your hard work but the search engines will love you too! Love Cindy

Cindy’s End Note: I personally have been subjected to having my site copied a lot, and unfortunately that seems to come with the territory. However, I hold no mercy for anyone when I see my hard work on another site and I doubt other site owners will accept it either; so if you think that copying or stealing other people’s website content isn’t a crime … think again! For those with websites you can visit and tap in the URL to your pages. It scans the web and comes back with a list of those sites that have the same text content. Mostly you will find regular things like entry page warnings and perhaps ICRA information, but occasionally, amongst the norm you may find a link to a site that needs a little more of your attention.


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