Google Hints for Panty Sellers

Contributed by Cindy from Panty Paradise

No-one on this earth can explain to you how Google works, its is purely based on speculation and the rate the Google Gods change their minds about how they decide a ranking position is beyond anyone’s knowledge apart from the Google Gods themselves!

However, through the hearsay, chinese whispers and the good old grapevine we can manage to find a few basic do’s and don’ts in the Kingdom of Google!

First step – you need to get your site listed in Google! .. They don’t make it easy though do they – especially when submitting an adult site.

So here are a couple of links to get you started and which are FREE: 

This one will tell the Googlebot to visit your site and to have a good look through your pages (make sure ALL YOUR LINKS ARE WORKING!) but it does not necessarily mean that your site will be immediately indexed in the Search Engine.  That takes time so be patient – don’t keep resubmitting your site, you may even get a penalty for that.  You should be able to see that the Googlebot has visited your site on your stats!

Another good place that you should go is get yourself listed in the DMOZ directory of Used Panties.  Hundreds of search sites use this list as a main guide and I find my site listed on loads of various listing sites all over the world that have just copied this infamous list.
At the bottom of the list – click link Submit a Site.

I wish I could say more about Google and how they work.  Everyone is still running around trying to swap links with high PR sites, but in all honesty that does not seem to make any difference to the Search Engine Results.

A few tips are:

Have decent hosting – if your site is down too many times Google might even give up visiting you.

Relevance – make sure that, for example, on your selling page you actually are selling something. Google loves relevant content. So if you are selling panties on one page and pictures on another, make sure you take time and effort in making sure those pages are relevant to what you are doing on them.

On your panty selling page DON’T do something like this::
Click here to buy my panties and visit my photo gallery. My photos are really sexy and great and my friend thinks so too as she takes the pictures etc etc

On your panty selling page DO something like this::
Click here to buy my panties.  They smell delicious of my pussy and are worn for X amount of time and masturbated in.  Pictures of me in my panties for sale are in my gallery.  I have many different styles of panties for sale ….. etc etc etc

See the difference? … Keep to the topic of what your page is about and don’t go off on too many tangents 🙂

Another one of Goggle’s hates is copied sites etc.  You should not start up another site that mirrors another one.  You can have many URLs pointing to one URL but not many sites with the same content.

This same rule applies to the individuals who copy content from other sites. Google has everything cached, so they will know instantly how long a page has had certain content on for and how long another site suddenly has the same.  Don’t copy anyone else’s site or text.  It is very easy to copy things such as Privacy Policies and Site Statements, which is ok to get ideas from but as a word of caution … you must try and re-write as much as possible in your own words or you may have a penalty against you which will hinder your ability to get highly listed!

For those people who’s hard work has been copied then take a look at this excerpt I have from a Google Expert, Jim Hedger.  Don’t worry as these dishonest folk stealing your content will be digging their own graves!

"The stolen content is then used to create what is essentially duplicate content on another site. Duplication of content can have an adverse effect on the search engine placement of all documents containing the similar items. Imagine losing your placements because someone else took the material you laboured over. Fortunately, Google’s historic record of documents is excellent at weeding through which source first displayed specific content, so the site with the stolen content will be the one with detrimental effects to their site placement, not yours!"

The dreaded sand box?  OK, now it has leaked out that Google puts all new sites in some kind of sand box.  Sometimes new sites will appear really high up on the Search Engine then suddenly disappear altogether.  Don’t lose faith – they are testing you!!!  Just keep doing what you are doing with your site, updating, and promoting it where you can.  What I have heard of this sandbox is that this is Google’s way of filtering out the trash.

If a site has been in the sandbox for 3 months or so and during that time it hasn’t changed, or is filled with adverts, link farms, irrelevant content or dead links … or it has been down most of that time, chances are it will stay in there or just deleted and wont be visited by the bot anymore!

However, fear not!  The chances of a panty site staying in the sandbox is pretty slim, so don’t go panicking!  I just needed to let you know why you might not see your sites showing up in the results yet.

The web is a HUGE place. Google is currently the biggest SE out there. It just takes a little patience and time, that’s all.

Using the links at the top of the page will help you considerably to get your foot in the door.  When you have done that, then visit Yahoo! and other Search Engines and find the free submit button – this is just so you can tell their web bot to visit your site and pages – which is the first step to getting noticed at all.  Once your site is being visited by their web bot, you are already on your way to becoming indexed 🙂

All the very best of luck to each and every one of you!
p.s.  Please remember that Google’s rules change dramatically all the time! No-one knows what is right or wrong, but the above info has helped me so much that it should help you too!


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