Single Selling Venue Shows Fourth Quarter Growth

MUPS Panty Selling VenueJanuary 2, 2010. MUPS. Grand Bay, Turks and Caicos Lone panty sales venue shows gains through a financially troubled year. Fourth quarter Alexa and other web data results for the year ending 2009 show My Used Panty Store sales transaction volume, membership, and traffic as continuing its year-long rise while the same factors on other sales venues continue to plummet.


While the forum areas of other panty selling venues are abuzz with concerns from sellers regarding a significant drop in purchases and interest in their sales listings, members in the year-old start up, My Used Panty Store (, forums are discussing best practices for managing the growth of site to ensure continued quality. (Continued…)




Liam Chee, founder of MUPS, indicates that the growth of MUPS is a pleasant surprise. “I started MUPS with a handful of people who were dissatisfied with their experience on a now closed panty sales site.” Said Chee. “Initially, I envisioned a small club of relatively few members in which we could interact more closely and sell and buy used panties”. The site has always been open for new members and over its one year of existence has continued to quickly grow in both scope and popularity. Half way through 2009, Chee put out a call to the owners of other panty selling venues asking for assistance or partnership offers. “I was just a guy that liked used panties and wanted something better that I did not see elsewhere” reports Chee, “I wasn’t even involved in web building or managing before so I hadn’t really looked ahead at how the site might grow or planned on managing a lager scale website.”

Long-term used panty community member PK agreed to partner with Chee and MUPS and immediately went to work in designing an easy to use and scaleable sales area to replace the simple classifieds area MUPS had at the time. Eventually, PK merged the user base with MUPS. “I had put in place at Panty Hog members’ urging. While people at Panty Hog have always sold in every way and at every place possible on the internet, there were always needs not being met. When I talked with Liam, heard his philosophy and met a few of his members, I immediately knew that he had started a sales venue that could finally meet the needs of the used panty fetish community” said PK.


Chee indicates that he has since greatly lessened his role in the management of the site he began, but he continues to watch and take pleasure in the fact that his creation has been so well received. “ One of the first members at MUPS contacted me the other day to let me know that according to the stats, MUPS actually now has more panties sales listed and more members than an adult auction site that has been in business for eleven years”, said Chee. “I never really considered general adult auction sites that happen to have a panty category since MUPS is focused completely on used panties. Still, I’m very happy to learn that people that had been buying and selling on that website have now found that they feel more at home and are now completing their panty transactions on MUPS instead”.



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