A Hot Summer Night


Wet PantiesLast night it was extremely hot outside and in the apartment… i had no other option than to sleep naked wearing just a pair of black panties…. but i was so hot and sweaty despite the fact that i took 2 showers earlyer… i fell asleep just for 10 minutes i think and i had a nasty wet dream. I dreamed that i saw a stranger on the stairs that lead to my apartment, and he was hot, i could see the shape of  his hard cock thru the white pants he had on. i was wearing a short summer dress and as i was approaching him i had a tingly feeling in my stomach going down to my pussy. When i got in front of him i could smell a soft perfume mixed with the sweet smell of his manly sweat. No words he pushed me to the wall and i felt his tongue in my mouth and his hand under my skirt. He was like a volcano, pressing his cock on me. I put one hand in his pants and felt a hard pulsating cock ready to burst. i took it out, puled my panties on one side and i let him inside … i was ready to explode. And that’s when my phone started ringing, i woke up all sweaty and turned on, my pussy was so wet and red from the excitement that i had to stick my fingers in it imediatly… i came instantly…. i wet my panties with dreamy juice…


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