Panty Selling and Buying Update

My Panty StoreThe merge of Used Panty World and Panty Bid into My Used Panty Store is complete. If you were a member of Panty Bid or Used Panty World and you haven’t started using My Used Panty Store yet, you are definitely missing out on the fastest growing panty selling and buying service on the internet so check it out and sign up today. Like Used Panty World and Panty Bid, it is completely free to use all of the features and the good news My Used Panty Store offers much more fun and useful features than any other panty selling and buying site. If you sell on another panty sales site and you’ve been wondering why your sales are dropping, it’s actually no secret, and its not the economy, your panty buyers have found and are enjoying purchasing from sellers at My Used Panty Store. Come find out for yourself why everyone is defecting to MUPS.

Please remember that the merge has no bearing on this, the Used Panty Portal site. Panty Hog remains the official spot for sellers and buyers regardless of where they sell and buy to post their news, sales, introductions, and to mingle with all members of the used panty fetish community.


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