Why Used?

Pip in Red VelvetWhy Used? Panties, well worn, dirty sweaty intimates, juicy little treasures. That intensley satisfying scent that sends the heart racing and makes faces flush with colour. Well, thats how they affect me and I know there are a certian others here that know and feel the same. Nothing compares to the thrill of holding a musky hot thong up close or a slightly damp and creamy gusset just begging you to enjoy. Taking in that first breath and you’re hooked, hoping that the scent lasts again and again ! 

Slipping on a pair of silk panties and rubbing them against yourself, pulling on a tight thong knowing its pressed itself tight against the body absorbing all that flavour. Tight gussets grabbing flesh and making it bulge or tightly parting soft lips.  Lace panties, perfectly clinging to pert bottoms, giving you a glimpse of what’s inside. Boy shorts wrapping themselves around hips and sitting high between peachy cheeks!
Whether it’s wearing, sharing or just looking we all know why we love them and I find it
simply delicious that I get to share this all with you! and then of course there’s bras, stockings, shoes…..Hmmmmm another blog for another time.

Come and say hi I love making new friends… Love to you all !! P x  [email protected] 



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