My Used Panty Store Video Contest Update

My Used Panty Store Video ContestLast chance! Entries for the video competition must be submitted by Saturday, October 23rd to be eligible for the voting which starts on October 25th. The video contest is looking for the best MUPS promotional video in the male and female submitted categories. “Best” videos will be chosen by member votes. Every video submitted will be shown and credited to the producer. While the videos should promote MUPS, it is encouraged that panty sellers promote themselves and their sales at MUPS as well. Every member submitting a video gets an automatic $10.00 credit in their MUPS account. The top videos by vote in the male and female categories will additionally win $100.00 in MUPS credits to buy and sell. Entries so far have been fun and creative, make sure to check out the latest entries.

Not a member yet? My Used Panty Store is THE place to buy and sell used panties and related items. While other sales venues are becoming ghost towns and blaming the “recession”, MUPS is rocking! Less than two years old, MUPS already has the most active members, and in a typical month, more used panties are bought and sold at My Used Panty Store than on all of the other used panty and adult auction venues combined. If you are a non-member tired of wasting your time and money elsewhere, submit your video before October 23rd and receive a Full Member MUPS membership in return.


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