Panty Hog Opens In Second Life

Panty Hog Opens in Second LifeBuying and selling used panties will never be the same. Panty Hog is pleased to announce the launch of Panty Hog SL a used panty sales, play, entertainment, and exposition center in Second Life. Instantly making every on line panty sales venue available until now seem like listening to a worn out cassette tape from the 1980’s, Panty Hog SL brings panty fun, interactivity and sales possibilities that the used panty community had only dreamed about. To top it all off, Panty Hog SL completely eliminates the payment processing headaches that have always plagued our community.


To access Panty Hog in Second Life, you must first download the free Second Life viewer by CLICKING HERE.

Interaction Like Never Before

Is this perverted?Imagine that you could meet your panty seller in person and walk through her store of physical items with her. Not enough? How about meeting with her to take a swim, take a walk on the beach, visit a club, dance, sit at the bar and talk, or even take her shopping for some sexy new lingerie? Imagine if you could stand close to her and watch her masturbate, have her give you a lap dance, or do a sexy striptease on a dance pole. If you are a panty sissy, how would you like to have your panty Mistress meet with you to dress you up in frilly little nothings or take you out in public shopping for girly things before finally taking you back to the play room to lock you in cage, or strap you to a cross and beat your ass with a whip? With the arrival of Panty Hog SL, you can do all of this and more. Opportunities to buy, sell, and play like have never been seen before are now a reality. Once you get a taste, you’ll very likely agree that Panty Hog SL is the most exciting thing to happen in the used panty fetish community since God invented the vagina.

Buy and Sell Instantly With No Worries About Payment Problems 

The long standing problem of payment methods for the sales of panty related goods is finally put in the past. Sellers can place their goods for sale in the sales area of Panty Hog SL. Buyers are able to come along and instantly purchase them using the Second Life currency of Linden Dollars. The Linden Dollars that the buyer needs to purchase your items are instantly available to him through his Second Life account. At signup, the buyer simply links his Paypal account (that’s right and completely legal) or his credit card to his Second Life account, from then on, all the Linden Dollars he ever needs are instantly delivered to him in Second Life. He never has to enter payment details to buy anything in Second Life again. He just right clicks on your item and selects “buy” to pay for the item and instantly transfer the money into the seller’s account. Once a seller has sold an item, she can exchange the Linden Dollars she received for the equivalent in US Dollars instantly right through the Second Life Exchange terminal located on the Panty Hog SL property. This process works no matter where in the world the seller or buyer is physically located. International payments are a non-issue. If you have access to credit cards or Paypal in your country, you are all set to buy or sell.


 Joining Second Life and Getting To Panty Hog SL 

You will need to create an account at Second Life and download the Second Life viewer to access Second Life and Panty Hog SL. This is simple and completely free. Just click here to register, complete the sign up form, and follow the few steps to download the viewer software. You’ll be given the choice to create a free (basic) account or a paid (premium $9.95 per month) account. Select the completely free membership, this costs you nothing and you’ll be able to access and enjoy all of the things Panty Hog SL offers with the free (basic) account. You should however, take the option of linking either your Paypal account or your credit card account to your Second Life account during registration. You will need to have one of these linked to your account in order to buy or sell. While you can link later, if you do it at sign up, Second Life gives you $250 Linden Dollars for free, if you link later, you do not get this bonus. Don’t worry, your basic membership is completely free, Second Life will not charge your linked account for membership. However when you need Linden Dollars or need to exchange Linden Dollars for US Dollars later, this will be done through your linked account. By the way, you can change your linked information later (credit card to Paypal, different credit card, etc.). When you are registering, when you see the question on the form that says who referred you, please enter the name: Shannon Nohkan this is
the name of the Panty Hog to Second Life liaison who will be most helpful to you at Panty Hog SL.


Shannon Nohkan Once you have registered for Second Life and downloaded the viewer software, log into to Second Life to produce your avatar. You can follow the path and read all the tutorials you’ll see when you login to Second Life for the very first time, but it isn’t necessary. You’ll find a good deal of help and some free clothes and skins waiting for you at the Panty Hog SL complex. To get to the Panty Hog SL complex, either come back here and click this link (link will only work if you already have a Second Life account), or while in Second Life just click the “Search” button at the bottom of your screen and enter “Panty” as the search term. Panty Hog will come up in the results and you can then click on Panty Hog to teleport right to the complex.



 To Buy Used Panties and Other Items at Panty Hog SL 

Just go to the seller’s store in the Panty Hog SL sales area, right click on the item you wish to buy and click “buy”. It is that simple. If you don’t have enough Linden Dollars in your account, a message will pop up asking you if you want to add Linden Dollars to your account. Click “confirm” and the Lindens will instantly be delivered to you and charged to the Paypal or credit card account you linked to your Second Life account. If you needed to add Lindens to your account, you’ll need to right click on the item and click “buy” once more. For good measure, IM the seller (using the IM button at the bottom of your screen) to contact the seller and to let her know your shipping details.


 To Sell at Panty Hog SL 

Once you visit Panty Hog SL you’ll see that is an exciting place to set up shop. To sell, you’ll need to pick out a store location that you like (it is wide open now – hurry first come, first served!) and pay a rental fee. The rental fee is $4.25 per month if you pay for three months, or $5.00 to go month to month. You can pay the rental fee with Linden Dollars or US Dollars. Sorry, those that know Panty Hog know that most selling opportunities are free with us. Unfortunately, it cost a thousand dollars to develop and build Panty Hog SL, and the monthly fees we pay to Second Life for owning land and a complex as large as the Panty Hog SL complex are many, many times more expensive than traditional web hosting. However this is Panty Hog so if we can’t give away free stores, we’ll surely give you one hell of a deal. Normally on your own, to have a store and to sell items in Second Life, you need to have a premium account ($9.99 a month) and pay a land ownership fee ($5-$295 per month depending on the amount of land). With Panty Hog SL, you can sell with a free account which saves you ten dollars a month and there isn’t a land ownership fee. Not to mention, your store in Panty Hog SL will be heavily promoted both in real life and Second Life, you have preferred use of the all the facilities, and you’ll have assistance every step of the way.


Once you’ve picked out and rented a store, you will simply drop items (little boxes) into your store and set them for sale for the amount of money you choose. The neat thing here is that not only can you put in used panties and such for one of the two million plus members of Second Life who might walk in to find and purchase, but you can use it in conjunction with your traditional on line auction and web site sales. For example if you list an auction on an auction site and the final bid is $35, you can simply place a box in your store for that amount and tell the auction winner to go to your store in Panty Hog SL (you can link directly from the internet or email to your store location) to pay you instantly for the item! With the ability to stream your own videos into your store, to spend personal time with or “perform” for buyers in the various areas of Panty Hog SL, you’ll quickly find many more opportunities to sell a variety of items and um, services at Panty Hog in Second Life. 


 Events, Promotions, and Future Plans 

We are excited to include the opportunity to hold events at the new Panty Hog SL complex. Our first event will be an after hours party in the pool/club area following the Golden Panty Awards. For February, we are currently putting together a Second Life panty and lingerie show to be he
ld in the Panty Hog SL exposition area. This event will include invitations to all members of Second Life to introduce them to Panty Hog and our great members and to give Second Life designers an opportunity to show off their latest creations. This should be an excellent opportunity to ogle some sexy lady avatars in today’s best lingerie fashions.


During our grand opening month of January, every seller who rents a store and every buyer who buys from a seller will be entered in a weekly drawing for a visually detailed, emoting vagina or a very detailed, emoting and ejaculating penis (you attach these to your avatar). We’ll give away one penis and one vagina each week in January. These are sure to liven up your play time in the Panty Hog SL play room!



You haven’t seen anything yet. Phase one of Panty Hog SL is complete but we’ve already purchased additional land and have plans for expansion. Watch for Panty Hog SL to grow even bigger over the next months.


Note to Historians:

We're well aware that with this announcement, everybody and their brother's asshole will steal our idea and will be scrambling to build something similiar to Panty Hog SL. Let it be known in history that the idea of selling real life panties and amature adult products in Second Life was first introduced by PK and Panty Hog on this day, December of 2006.


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