Momo - Golden Panty Award NomineeHi to all Panty-lovers and to my fans!

I am very glad about the nomination, a big “Thank you” 😉

Let’s introduce myself a bit: My name in the fetish-scene is Momo and I am from Germany. I am sweet 20 years old. At the beginning of my special hobby I thought about the name I could choose, because I wanted a special name which is characteristic for me. And because I have curlz and I am very cute and sweet, I decided with my sister the name “Momo”, maybe you know the book of Michael Ende: Momo. I love that book and movie!!!

I am for 550 days in the fetish-scene and I love to send my dirty underwear to my fans. I love the feeling of being loved and sexy…if I have new pictures on my site, a lot of my fans tell me, how they really love my body, my boobs and my charisma (even I don’t show my face)…

I am studying and I am going to be a very strict teacher, maybe that is another point, why my fans and “customers” love me…on the one hand I am a shy, sexy and good-looking yes, just a normal girl – and on the other hand…I am going to be a teacher with an extraordinary hobby. I think, that’s great and I love my “job”…

I have a very special hobby…I am collecting the sexiest bikinis on earth: the wicked weasels from Australia and my boyfriend says all the time that I look great in them (even if I don’t have my dream-weight) J

It also makes me very creative, I always think about good and new ideas for my videothek, gallery and my fetish-shop. At the moment I have 235 articles in my shop and my customers have a huge choice!

I like most to take my pictures outside for example in the snow, in my garden, during my holidays in turkey and Baltic sea on the beach,…

Since summer 2005 I am a girl of youngslips and since may 2006 I have my own homepage , I am very proud of my own page, even it costs a lot of time for the advertisement.

I am a very friendly girl, not smoking and I am every day at least 3 hours online to answer the questions for my nice customers. To some of them I have a friendship through the year, that is great, I love them all. And I try to fullfill their dreams, that is also fun for me, because I also get to know new fetishes and dreams.

That’s all for now. See you soon! 😉 Nice kisses (you can decide where!), yours Momo.

Nominated for the following categories:

Seller of the Year, Best Breasts, Friendliest to new buyers




Nominated by:


She's so kind, she's unbelievable (so goldig, so lieb, so unglaublich)


Because her service is perfect and she is one of the sexist woman I know



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