CindyHi, and thank you SO much for nominating me for this years Awards. As you know I decided long ago not to run for Golden Panty Seller of the year. After winning it straight for 2 years it is clear that I am very much appreciated of what I do, which I am eternally grateful for all your support.  So, if I am not running for Golden Seller, what have I been nominated for?  I have been nominated for the "Lifetime Achievement Award". 

My site has been exclusive now for almost a year, which means I am mainly dealing with my regular buyers, however, I do take on new buyers at my own descretion.  This decision has not stopped my dedication to the industry whatsoever – I am still a large part of it and I intend for it to stay that way – I shall be around for a good few years to come I assure you.

The Lifetime Achievement Award would mean to the world to me to win because I have been selling for almost a decade now and have run my website since 2002.  It isn't about just running a website though, it is about being there for your fellow sellers and wonderful buyers and fans 24/7 no matter what and doing

what you can for the panty community as a whole. 

Thank you for your vote. Love Cindy xxx

Nominated for the following categories: Lifetime Achievement Award



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I would like to nominate Cindy for Lifetime Achievement Award because not only does she have wonderful products but it is her sheer care and kindness to all her clients that makes her very special. I met Cindy as a Panty Seller but now i see her as a very dear friend and i cannot thank her enough for all her kindness. Best wishes to all who are -Jazzy

For style, longevity, dedication to the community and a real love of what we do Cindy is without a doubt the only person I would nominate for this award. From Pantyhog, pantyparadise, secondlife and real life Cindy makes an impression everywhere she goes. Ever helpful to those that seek it but arent demanding and without thanks she has made many friends that care for her deeply. I could write for many paragraphs but i'm sure everyone else will say it all too. I'll end and say Thankyou, you are a star. -Fetish Kitten

Cindy i have known for well over 2 years as a buyer first then as a great freind she is honest and trustworthy and a well known member of the used panny comunity she realy is top of the list as a seller and a true freind and allways says what she feels right and has helped so many people both as a seller and to help others with advise,if you have never known or talked to this wonderful women you dont know what you have missed she is 100 % so please get nominating her she will be so happy and good luck cindy. -Victor (Vickie)

As a panty seller, Cindy is quite simply in a class of her own. Her items are incredible, she communicates extremely well with her buyers and is a lovely person as well. She has of course, won the Golden Seller Award for the past 2 years also. Cindy has put in a lot of hard work over the years, particularly finding time out of her busy day, to help other sellers with their sites etc. I can think of no other person that this award should go to.  -Pete

There are several reasons I could type out for this wonderful lady to have this award,and I'm sure that it would be agreed by most deep down inside your hearts and minds as well. Cindy is really something beyond beautiful and she has not only helped me in times of need,but has gone that extra mile in helping out others that require help in their own day to day lifestyle! Sure,she sells panties and sure she puts her heart and soul into all those things that make her who she is. I remember back when I first got my glimpse of her, something was really 'special' about her that I had to get to know! ( she's just as lovely today as she was back then )xox Anyway,Cindy's web site,blog and ads around the internet still invite me even though she has cut way down on her services,but her friendship remains untouched! Cindy always finds the time to lend anyone a helping hand and I think that is so cool in and of itself! Yea,she has won some awards for being the Golden Panty Seller ( Golden Girl ) and its been well deserved looking back on her background! ( kinda makes ya want to squeeze the stuffings out of her just for being so sweet or even tuck her in one of your pockets and carry her around from place to place throughout your days ) 🙂 So, my nomination is for Cindy to have this award to be set aside her others. She sure deserves another special event to happen in her lifetime for spreading her beautiful ways around the world. She's one in a million and the chances of finding anyone like her anywhere are very,very rare!! Thank You for reading and giving this little message a travel in your heart and mind to cast your vote for Cindy,its an honour and a privilage to know the girl too!! -PRH

Cindy is always there to lend a hand, offer advice and always supportive. She goes above and beyond to help those she cares for and never has reason to feel threatened by the new panty sellers coming along, everyone knows she is the Queen. Everyone loves her. -Sexy Sticky

I believe Cindy deserves this award for all the hard work that she has put into this, the used panty community through out the years, both behind the scenes and on Panty Hog./ she is one truly outstanding young lady. -Mike UK

She was possibly one of the first panty sellers i found and never dissapoints, She loves what she does and it show 🙂 -Hoves

Cindy IS used panties. Hope she doesn't mind me saying that, I mean she doesn't look like a pile of used panties, but can you honestly imagine this community without her? I've been selling for a while now and I've seen sellers come and go. They introduce themselves to the community with a fanfare of gilded trumpets but they fizzle and disappear like an apologetic damp squib. But Cindy? Cindy is always there…and will probably always be here until she starts selling her panties complete with TenaLady inserts. But Cindy hasn't just been around. Oh no. Cindy has been a major part of the used panty community by posting and moderating on Panty Hog, writing her popular blog and running her highly successful website. Whether she is being copied, slagged off or loved, everyone knows Cindy. Cindy is helpful, friendly, goes a long way out of her way to help with banners, coding… has rescued my skin several times…and probably yours too but don't get on the wrong side of her 'cos she turns into a banshee who quick as a flash will turn you into a frog with a bad case of acne. Cindy was one of the first, if not the first seller to join Panty Hog, the first to be verified by Panty Trust and the Adult Trust and the seller everyone strives to be like. Nobody deserves this award more than she. -Anna


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