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Fetish KittenHey guys and dolls,
A huge amount of thanks and spanks! to those that nominated me this year and to everyone that comes to reads my blog each day. Its going from strength to strength and I'm nearly up to 100,000 views in the year since I first posted on WordPress. After just over a year of being a panty girl I'm still having as much fun (if not more) than when I started and I've made some fantastic and sexy friends too.  Allot of the veteran girls say if you make it past 6 months then you'll stick around so I guess I'm here to stay!

Even though I'm on a short break to catch up with my panty orders I'm still very much a part of the community.  We are a lucky bunch of kinksters,  I'm really grateful that pantyhog sticks up for the honest sellers and buyers, and helps to give a kick up the jacksy of those only out to con. To all the girls that have helped me out this year thank you. And much thanking and loving to my partner Outsider who takes all my pictures and puts up with my silliness.  XXX

Come on, vote for your panty girl, do her proud and show her just what she means to you.
And feel free to come along to my blog anytime for pervery, chatting, pics and panties.


Xxx FetishKitten xxX
FetishKitten's Panty Parlour

Hey guys, I just want to say a big thank you to the friends and customers that nominated me, and even though you are very naughty for doing so I love you to pieces. I’m stunned that I’m up against some people that I think are really fab, and I hope everyone takes the time to vote for their girls after their fantastic work and effort all this year! I’m happy to even be nominated. (But if you like me then I wont say no to a vote either!)

Nominated for the following categories: Seller of the Year



Nominated by:

Fetish Kitten is true inspiration! Her blog is fantastic! It's interesting and not to mention… very very sexy. She's very active here on PH, friendly and approachable to new sellers. Basically her blog is just my fave around and it keeps me coming back for more even though I'm on the selling side of panty relationships. Keep up the good work honey!  Scarlet O'Harlot

Kez is a fantastic seller, with a stylish blog and fantastic photos, I am sure all her buyers are extremely pleased with her panties. As a fellow seller, I see Kez as a warm hearted, kind and ever helpful person who goes above and beyond in an effort to assist new and established sellers, she is supportive, knowledgable and creative and above all…Loveable! -Stix

Cool chick. Lovely blog; it's a great read and has many, interesting topics. GREAT personality. She's funny, has great advice for us newer gals. I love her style and how she presents herself. VOTE FOR FETISH KITTEN!!!!!!!!! @>–;–  Ruby Red

Since i have known Fetish kitten, she has always delivered a 1st class service in all that she has done. With her wonderful undies, with her beautiful pictures sets and most of all with her friendship! To know Fetish as a friend as well as a seller is an honour that i chairish. To me she has been brilliant, though thick and thin, she is always there as for you, as i am for her. Last year she missed out in the awards and this year i want her to get the rewards that she is due, to me she is just…….ACE -Mike

A fun and kick ass lass! She certanly made many boys happy x -Serena

The Kitten is beautiful, both as a person and physically, She'll always take the time to talk and make sure you get exactly what you are dreaming of, The orders she provides tick every box, the price, what they consist of and of course the finished product, sweet and delicous in every respect, she also offers a wide range of items and can't be faulted in any way, for these reasons i feel Fetish Kitten more than deserves the award of Golden Panty Seller. -Hoves


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