GemmaHow exciting! Thank you so much my nomination, I'm overwhelmed!

I've only just started selling panties this year, and becoming active in the community, although I'm still quite shy about posting. I'm nineteen and I'm studying part time down here in Australia while waitressing, playing with my cats and mucking around with webdesign. When I actually get time free, I read a lot of sci/fi and fantasy, and watch the occasional hentai. 😉

I actually decided to sell my panties for purely selfish reasons, those being that it's really hot and it gives me an excuse to buy lots more panties! It was something that I'd thought about on and off, but the decision was sort of spur of the moment. I was in the shopping centre and there was a huge lingerie sale, and I realised I wanted to buy almost all the different types of panties, which I couldn't really justify. So I was standing there with my arms full of lace knickers and I wondered if I could sell them online. That was it and I bought the lot!

Of course, when I got home I had to seriously think about it, and I came online and found Panty Hog right away, and there was the Used Panty University, and lots of old posts about selling, and the more I thought about it the better it sounded. It took a couple of weeks to get my site done, I love mucking around with web design. I wanted it to be uncluttered, easy to navigate and pretty lol. This was a big project for me, but it finally went up and the rest is history as they say.

I don't know if I'd have decided to try panty selling if I hadn't had a few experiences with panty lovers before, I did have a pair stolen once by a guy, and I had one ask me to mail him a pair while he was overseas studying, and I thought it was pretty hot, the idea of someone sniffing my dirty panties and thinking of me while they…. enjoy themselves. 😉

I'm also really grateful that everyone I've been in contact with in this community has been really friendly and helpful, both the sellers and the buyers, so big hugs to all the people that been so welcoming to me, I'm really glad I started.

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A sweet and honest girl, with a great selection of exceptionally cute panties xx -Serena


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