I started selling my panties, simply because I love the taste and smell of my own pussy! Not one time have I ever thought about winning an award for doing… now 2 years in a row!
Last year you gave me the award for Best 2006 Panty Video 🙂 I was completely blown away…

Buying someone’s panties or other unmentionables should be a very intimate experience, and getting to know who's selling you these items can make the experience even more pleasurable, I am extremely amazed and completely satisfied to have been able to bring so much naughty pleasure to many men and woman all over the world for over 5 years 🙂 If you have not licked my panty gusset or buried your nose into my thongs then you have no idea what you are missing 🙂 All it will take is a little lick to be a Miami Addict 🙂 

You know you want to check out my dirty panties gallery and all my free sexy photos… wink…

I love you all for your nominations this year! Thank You

Mi xxxx

Nominated for the following categories: Seller of the Year



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Well. I have ordered several items from this young lady, and everything has arrived exactly the way I requested! Her packages always arrive in a timely manner and Miami always adds a little extra to her personalization. I have loved evey item I have received from this extrodinary woman and I plan on being a long time supporter of Miami's Panties! Let's not forget that I have ordered panties from hundreds of woman over the years, and Miami's are always the dirtiest, and wettest I have come across. Good luck girl and keep on being naughty 🙂 J.S


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