Let me just say a Big Thank You to all of you that made me feel like a member of a wonderful family! When I first was made aware that I was nominated,I had a big grin on my face. ( still do ) Its an honour that I was thought of by someone that put me here. I've had several personal problems that I have been dealing with before I came here and I'm pleased to say that most are gone from my life now. So in a nutshell,I'm thankful to everyone here for being who they are and for welcoming me into part of the family here. I'm just an ordinary guy who loves the idea that this world of ours is blessed with beautiful women. ( I've always loved that since I was a young boy ) This home away from home, is another way of making me feel special along the pathways of life as well. By the way, those of ya that know me some go by Phil.You will see PRH typed out in my posts though and those are my initials ( first name,middle name,last name ) thus,PRH.

Again,thank you for your nomination and its a pleasure to be among some of the world's finest bunch of folks!


PRH's nomination of all Panty Hog ladies: Several fit this award really well. ( that's why I left no names ) I have been in contact with a few of those people that are nominated. ( I'm sure ) However, we shouldn't just focus on the topic in question, because alot is on the table before us here. Look at the inner beauty of the girl and how she thinks about things,etc. So,good luck to each and every lady that shines in every form known to man everyday he's alive, its a real honour to be surrounded by such lovable girls!


Nominated for the following categories: Golden Panty Buyer



Nominated by:

I am a long time lurker on Panty Hog. The one and only post I've made so far I was very warmly greeted by PRH. His reply to me made my day. Since then always when I read the forums I see that PRH continues to one of the first people to say hello to new people here. Even though I don't know him except from reading his posts I can tell he is a really great guy. Thank you PRH  -Sally

PRH is a real gent and a good friend. We have known each other for a good while now and he really makes an effort in keeping up with what is going on in the community and is a total sweetheart.  Not only that but PRH writes some absolutely brilliant erotic stories for my site.  PRH – you deserve an award!! Love Cindy xxx


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