Hello to all in Panty Land.  I'm your panty girl CrimsonandClover aka LizBien.  This nomination was the slap on the ass I needed to branch myself out and meet all the cute pantyboys out there in pantyland!  Although  I go to school and work full time I always work my hardest to make sure that every single panty package I make is personalized to that last loving touch.  I communicate with you from begining to end about how your panty is doing and I stay in contact with you afterwards to see how things go in the end.  I have made so many friends in pantyland.  To all who are my friends you know that you are tops and my loyalty will always be to you and not to any one pantysite.  I love all my boys out there and my panty girls too!

If you haven't had a chance to get to know me yet then what are you waiting for?  Yes it's true, I'm a lesbian. Had boyfriends long, long ago but a girls now capture my heart, can you blame me? But I do love to feel dirty and flirt and tease my boys.  I get off over and over again knowing that you sniffing, licking, and touching my dirty panties and aim to make you the perfect pair.  Since I love women's scents and tastes just as much as you, I know what your looking for!  I sniff my panties every time they get pulled down around my knees.  I bend over and completely take in my sweet pussy smell.  I always lick my toys clean and get get enough of my sweet pussy taste.  Neither will you, so you better believe that I'll test your panties myself before they get sent out to you….Now That's Quality Control!
Thanks for the Nomination and I would Absolutely be thrilled to get a Golden Panty Award!  Smooches!"


Nominated for the following categories:  Best New Seller


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