Thank you so much for the nomination which is rather unexpected!!
Apologies to my sponsor for the slow response in returning this profile
but those who know me know that I’m typically slow at replying!!

I’ve been around here for a long time after having had my panty cherry
popped by Cinders in the dim distant past.  As a very shy contributor
initially I was here just as a guest user and then finally after around
2.5 years signed up as a fully fledged member.  It took me something
like another 3 years before I posted in the shout box or on the
forum!!  I definitely can’t be considered as the contributor of the
year but guess as a long time buyer could be considered in the buyer of
the year part of this category.

Does anything up to 4 pairs a month qualify for such an accolade? I’m
not sure…..

I’m rather stumped for words but would like to thank all my girls from
past and present for the friendship and warmth that I have received.  I
would like to hope that the encouragement and contribution that I make
privately to the sellers is appreciated and that’s one of the reasons
that I’m here.

Going forward things are going to change quite dramatically for me.
With some regret I will be stopping buying my beloved panties in the
New Year.  I am now attached to a young lady and I don’t feel it is
fair on her for me to continue buying from others.  She is fully aware
of my past time as I actually met her here on Panty Hog and our
friendship quickly developed into a relationship.  I’m not planning on
disappearing completely and I hope to become a little more active on
the site offering advice and experiences to buyers and hope that I don’
t lose touch with any of my friends.

Thank you again.  The whole experience has been a pleasure with the
pinnacle of meeting my girl here.



Nominated for the following categories:   Panty Buyer/Site Member of the Year Award



Nominated by:


Jumamatt has offered immense support to the panty community, not only as a genuine buyer, but also as a friend and positive contributor. His kindness and generosity are what makes a members of this community loved and appreciated. Jumamatt is undoubtedly the one person who I nominate for Buyer of the Year.


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