SerenaThank you very much for my nomination, I'm touched (steady boys) to be in the running again.
The last 2 years have been very significant for me as I've had the opportunity to get to know members of this unique community better, buyers and sellers alike.  I'm delighted to have made genuine friendships that would certainly result in dinner invitations if only they lived closer and/or I had any significant skills in the kitchen!
I'm also very happy to say that all of my panties have gone to genuine and respectful panty lovers who continue to make this business pleasurable … on so many levels.
So I'm really looking forward to Jan 18th and wish everyone loads of love and loads of luck for the day, and thank you PK for making this happen 🙂  My website:

Kisses xx

 A little more about me:
I was accidentally born in London UK, where I lived on-and-off until recently. I've now moved to Italy hoping to find much better weather. My fetish for lingerie grew from working part-time in a vintage clothing shop  that stocked a small collection of corsets and knickers. To me they looked so beautiful and decadent and I loved to sneak bits home and try them on. I soon found myself wanting more and more and many entire evenings were lost on eBay sourcing my new obsession. Of course spending so much time online searching for 'panties' means you can't fail to discover the used panty community.
So with a bulging underwear drawer, an open mind and a hope that there was room in the market for sharing luxury undies, I set up Serena's Secret. So here I am, in and out of my panties, simply for the joy of wearing them!
For a little insight on Serena's Secret please visit my blog  or my wesbite

Nominated for the following categories:  Seller of the Year, Friendly Seller



Nominated by:


A difficult category as everyone that I deal with is really very friendly. I'm nominating Serena though as we've built up a special friendship over the last year or so although it feels like forever. Serena is always available for a chat either on line or by e-mail, always up for a bit of a giggle and never takes anything too seriously. Her fun out take on life makes the whole panty buying experience so enjoyable and with her professional approach you know she won't let you down. I always feel right at home when she's on line and it's like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers or perhaps that should be panties!!


She is an active, wonderful seller, whom i believe deserves this award

Phil ( PRH ):

In the length of all my time here,Serena has become quite a regular person I see online here at Panty Hog.
She has almost always typed out alittle reply to my comments and the way they come across to me when I read them,tell me that this girl is just as friendly as anyone could think! She has a web site which I have visited on occassion and I get that same feeling there as well! Check her out and I guarantee you will have the same results I just shared with everyone!!


 I would like to nominate Serena for the Golden Panty Seller Award. In addition to her panty selling, Serena also does a lot of excellent work as moderator on Panty Hog of course and also behind the scenes investigating possible fake sellers etc. I think she really deserves to win the award this year.


I nominate Serena hands down to take Golden Seller of the Year 2008. Every now and again a seller shines brighter and longer and stands out a mile from the rest. That is Serena.  She has also become a true friend over the past year and as others have said, is always there to chat to or confide in.  Serenas quality, honesty and professionalism makes her truly worthy to win Golden Seller of the Year 2008.


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