Summer Jane

Summer JaneWow! I'm an truly grateful to learn that I have been nominated for the golden panty awards 2008! Being a new girl on the bloke, I have been pleasantly surprised at how close a community has been formed on pantyhog. It is a friendly place for friendly people , who all share a familiar love for panties and the exciting world of fun and desire that surrounds it. I have been welcomed, supported and appreciated since joining pantyhog and am very grateful for the friendships I am forming along the way!

I first got into the wonderful world of panty love at a young age and it has gradually developed into something a little bit more special over the last year. I started getting more into the fetish side of worn panties when I was about 19 when I caught my boyfriend wanking with a pair he had taken from my laundry bin .  I had been out and wanting to,  in his words  "Get a little bit closer to my beautiful pussy!" he decided to use a pair of my silkies to assist! I found it a real turn on and insisted he carried on as if I had not interrupted and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my pantie related naughtiness ever since!

Then , over a year ago I got the chance to experiment with  with my pantie fetish with people online,  when I was contacted by a lovely guy wanting to know if I would consider selling a pair of my worn panties to him! We still exchange emails and he has been getting panties fresh from my bottom as and when he feels the urge ever since!

I was excited about the whole idea from the word go, and it soon occurred to me how much fun and  enjoyment could be had if I could get in touch with more like minded panty lovers who would appreciate my panties as much as I do!

Finding Panty Hog has been the best bit so far as I can now share friendship, a mutual love of lingerie and the sexiness that it has to offer with both guys that understand and appreciate it but also with other panty girls too ,which is great.

Thank you to PK for providing us with such a delightful site to share, and also to Serena and jutamatt for their support and guidance since joining. Thank You guys 🙂

I do not expect to win, being a newbie, but just being nominated has made me a very happy girl indeed! So thank you.

Wishing love, light and Happiness to you all Over Christmas and the new year!

Nominated for the following categories:  Best New Seller


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A genuine person always delievers wot she promises with good communication


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