A Shirt's Tail – Part 2

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My cock’s fleshy head oozed pre cum as Christine rubbed my excited lubricant into the soft  tip with her thumb i moaned from the tingling sensation her thumb was giving me, she gripped my shaft and began to stroke which prompted even more pre cum to flood from my slit at the top of my erection, her hand glided effortlessly up and down my pulsing veined length due to the extra lubrication she had just enticed from me. I could tell she was well versed in the art of giving pleasure her grip was firm but not too tight and her strokes were long and smooth her hand glided to the very base then right back up to the top of my rigid cock where she gave my pinky tip a gentle squeeze i gasped, she smiled as she could see and hear the pleasure she was giving me, not only did it feel good to have her touch but it was a joy watching her stroke my aching cock and caress my saggy balls. She leant forward and gave me a deep kiss i was in heaven having both my mouth and rock hard length receive her expert attention simultaneously, she stopped the stroking much to my disappointment but she wanted to save me for later after all this was just the appetiser.


Slumping back onto the sofa her nipples were protruding hard through her tight top they were screaming to be sucked, i slid my hand along her inner thigh her skin was warm and soft she sighed as my hand reached the top of her thigh and  moved across to her crotch i felt her warm damp panties she groaned and opened her legs a bit wider to accommodate my hand her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open as she enjoyed my touch between her legs. As i ran my hand up and down her mound from the outside of her panties she began to tweak her left hardened nipple which caused her to deeply sigh, my fingers reached the top of her panties and just slipped inside so i got the first feel of her pubic hair she suggested we went to the bedroom to get more comfortable i removed my hand from between her legs i pulled my trousers up and she adjusted her skirt we got up and she turned the music off then she lead me by the hand into the bedroom my heart was pumping out of my chest.


She walked towards the side table by the double bed and switched the table lamp on the bulb wasn’t particularly bright and with the curtains already drawn the bedroom replicated the living room’s seductive ambience. I was already undoing my shirt and had undone my trousers i let them fall to the floor and pulled down my shorts i took off my shirt and socks and was completly naked there was no subtle prolonged stripping for me i was ready for action my cock was proud and eager! Christine turned to face me and smiled at my haste in getting undressed she was more experienced in the subtle art of tease and was more deliberate in her undressing, she pulled her top from her skirt and began to remove it over her head to reveal a white lacy bra supporting two medium sized breasts, she slowly unzipped her skirt and in one movement stepped out of it as it hit the floor i was dying for her to remove those white lacy panties but she was in no rush to reveal all unlike me! She reached out for my hand and as i walked forward she walked backwards leading me towards the bed she sat on the edge of the bed and i was stood in front of her.


I felt the tip of her moist tongue darting across my cock’s fleshy head i moaned as her tongue worked in circular motions then she took the whole of my pinky helmet into her mouth while stroking my shaft at the same time, it sent tingles rushing down my spine as she gently eased some more of my cock into her willing mouth. For a guy there is nothing on this earth that comes close to the feeling he gets from a woman’s mouth and tongue as she licks and sucks on his rigid cock, it’s not only about the nerve tingling sensations the guy receives but also the visual pleasure of seeing a woman’s lips encased around his erection as she teases and delights his hardness.

Christine ran her tongue the full length of the underside of my cock the sensations were making my toes curl, pre cum cascaded from my tip making the velvety head glisten, she traced her tongue back and forth over the slit where my cock juice was escaping from and then slipped me back into her mouth, she clearly enjoyed the taste of my lubricant she groaned as i felt more of my salty juice leave my cock and slide down the back of her throat. From the ever increasing loudness of my moans she sensed that due to her expertise in giving oral satisfaction i was nearly ready to shoot my hot load and this was far too early for her to either be tasting or seeing my cock cream. I was almost relieved when she eased my length from her hot moist mouth i didn’t want to disappoint her by spilling the contents of my balls before i even had the chance to explore her body and reciprocate the pleasure she had given me.

She continued to stroke my shaft which was well lubricated from a mixture of her saliva and my pre cum while at the same time she gently cupped both my balls in her hand which made them tighten, my bag felt heavy so i knew that when i reached my moment she was going to be receiving a full load of thick man cream!



She stopped her strokes i moved back a few steps while she stood up still facing me she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra which i was grateful for because if i tried to do it in my aroused condition i would be fumbling for ages trying to unfasten it! She took her bra off  to expose her soft breasts her pinky nipples where fully erect the outer rings of skin surrounding her hardened buds were slightly darker in colour and were quite large, i leant forward and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked hard a little too hard as she flinched and let out a little yelp, i apologised, she then suggested we got comfortable on the bed.


Christine kept her panties on and laid down on the bed, i continued where i had left off firstly kissing the nipple better that i had accidentally bitten in my over enthusiasm, causing her to give a comforted sigh i sucked a little gentler this time on her pinky bud teasing and flicking it with my tongue and maintaining it’s hardness with gentle caresses she enjoyed feeling my hot breath on her soft skin, as i lavished her left breast with kisses and licks she began to play with her right breast gently massaging it as i continued to give her nipple and the surrounding area my full attention using my mouth. Her sighs of contentment continued as she felt my moist tongue trace the natural curve of her soft breast and then working my way back to her stiff little bud, the darkened ring of skin around her nipple was no longer as big as it was and had grown smaller due to her continued arousal her skin felt a little hotter too. Christine’s eyes were tightly shut as my tongue left her breast and continued down to her belly button i turned my attention to her legs where i started to lick the inside of her left thigh, i could hear her gentle sighs turn into deeper moans as she responded to my tongue’s work, she opened her legs wider as if to indicate where she wanted my attention next. She gasped as i ran the palm of my hand up and down the outside of her panties, it was time to remove them and so finally reveal her sweet honeypot that she had agonisingly kept hidden from me for so long.



To be continued………….


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