A Shirt's Tail – Part 3

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Feeling the tug on her panties she lifted her bum up from the bed to assist in their removal, i pulled them down past her ankles and discarded them without a care onto the floor after all they were the offending garment that had prevented me from seeing the glorious sight that was now in front of me. This was my first view of not a teenager’s but a mature woman’s most sacred and intimate place, i feasted my eyes on her mound which wasn’t shaved of pubic hair but had a neatly trimmed brown coloured thatch. Christine must have wondered what i was doing down there from the lack of stimulating activity, i finally got into position after revelling in the thatchted visual treat and lowered my head towards her crotch i ran my tongue along her crease she let out a little cry as she instantly felt the effects of my hot moist licks, i prised apart her outer lips to expose her soft inner petals they had become puffy from her excitement and had gotten darker in colour, juice seeped from her opening i had to taste her, my tongue lapped up her intimate lubricant it was heavenly there is nothing more delicious than the musky taste of aroused pussy. I pulled apart her swollen flaps to reveal her gorgeous pinkness her love hole glistened from her intimate moisture in and out i probed her slit with my tongue the penetration wasn’t very deep but it had her purring with delight, i felt her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her crotch she craved the maximum pleasure my mouth could give, she wanted me to eat her. 

My lips were coated in her juice, i left her crotch and made my way back up to her mouth i wanted her to taste her own juices from me we kissed with probing tongues she clearly enjoyed the taste of her own pussy, she then pushed my head back down in the direction of her crotch her pulsing hole demanded more attention, i resumed my position between her legs and slipped a finger into her pink cavern it felt warm and moist as my finger touched the sides of her pussy, i thrust my finger in and out of her hot little hole mimicking the penetration of a throbbing  hard cock. Her breathing became deeper as my finger continued to work her pussy as deep as it could go, she began to gyrate her hips, after sustained probing i eased out my finger from inside her she was no longer moist the flow of excited juice had ceased for now. I spread apart the hood at the top of her slit to expose her hard little bud and with the merest touch from the tip of my tongue she immediately flinched and gasped loudly as electric shocks pulsed through her, her eyes were tight shut as she enjoyed the delicious moment. I continued to give her swollen sensitive bud  darting flicks with my tongue, her joy was becoming more and more louder after i sucked on my finger to lubricate it and then slipped it back into her pussy while at the same time i was still teasing her clit and so creating two avenues of immense pleasure for her.

I felt both her hands on the back of my head pull me up towards her face, tongues and fingers could only take her so far, in order to reach the pinnacle of pleasure hard throbbing cock was needed in fact her pussy was demanding nothing less!


She gave me a quick welcome back kiss after i had spent so long down in her nether region, i straightened up and was kneeling between her legs i wet my fingers and lubricated my shaft she opened her legs wider and brought her knees up i wet the tip of my finger and rubbed the top of her slit her bud was not as visible as it once was but it still caused her to flinch, it was almost a tease on my part stimulating her using a finger when what she really craved was cock! I leant forward and placed the palms of my hands flat on the duvet so my weight was supported by my arms she reached out and grasped my cock and guided it towards her pussy my rigid love muscle pushed past her soft lips and into her sweet inner sanctum.

We both gasped loudly simultaneously as i felt the warmth of her pussy surround my cock i eased myself slowly into her, her pussy greedily accepted my hard inches until she had my full length inside her, i then slowly eased my cock out leaving  just my fleshy head in her pussy then i thrust my full length back inside her again i started to get into a rhythm in and out my cock went as i began to service her hungry hole. She told me to slow down a little as my rhythm was becoming too eager she wanted to enjoy my hardness for as long as possible. Christine put her hands on my back and pulled me down closer my weight was no longer on my arms as i was now laying on top of her, i could feel her fingers running up and down my back my thrusts were slow and not as deep i began to lick and kiss her neck which prompted a firmer touch on my back from her fingers. Her pussy was tight and  was becoming moist again making it easier to slip in and out of her i lifted myself  up and my arms took my weight again, i began to increase the pace of the thrusts i looked down to between her legs i could see my shaft was coated with her thick creamy excitement and her moans were becoming more frequent her breathing more pronounced and her pussy was making delicious soft squelching noises from being so well lubricated, she increased the level of pleasure my length was giving her by rubbing her clit at the same time as i probed her pinky hole, due to my intensified thrusts the bed’s headboard began to bang against the wall but when you are in the throes of deepest passion such things are irrelevant. She urge me on she wanted my cock at full thrust her breathing was now at it’s hardest her moans were continuous, i could feel her pussy muscles grip my cock tight as she lifted her legs up into the air. Her earlier light touch on my back had now become scratches from her nails digging into me such was the pleasure my cock was giving her the sound of skin slapping hard against skin echoed around the room.


She urged me on once again my balls were tight and my cock was like a well oiled piston working at full speed between her legs i was breathing hard i couldn’t hold out any longer i had to release the contents of my balls. I let out a loud cry as my cock spasmed she groaned as she felt the first eruption of hot cum shoot deep into her and right to the top of her pussy, i continued to pump her abused hole with cock cream and with each explosive squirt i cried out my joy, i could feel her pussy muscles squeezing every last drop of cum from me she wanted it all as my climax began to subside the squirts became less and less powerful until i had no more to give for now i was spent, i was also breathless from my exertions. I noticed Christine was flushed across her chest and was lightly sweating as i waited until her breathing was nearly back to normal before slumping on top of her, she immediately put her arms around me and held me tight as we locked on for a long deep kiss.

We held on to each other for what seemed like an age i could feel my hardness leaving me quite rapidly she finally released her grip on me and i slipped my limp cock out of her cum filled pussy and laid down next to her on her left side, i let out a huge contented sigh as my balls felt considerably lighter now, Christine smiled she hadn’t managed to climax but she was glad that i had and besides the night was still young!



To be continued…………..


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