Mandy loves Twitter

It was a Friday evening and Mandy was sitting at home bored playing around on twitter.  All of a sudden she got a message from what seemed to be a very good looking guy named Jason.  The message read, “Hi Mandy, I seen
your profile picture and got very turned on by it, your a very sexy girl.  We live in the same town and if your into it i would love for you to come to my house so i can pleasure you all night long.”  Oh my god, Mandy thought as she read the message.  Mandy was not that type of girl.  She was only 22 years old and has only had sex
with 2 different guys.  Mandy replied to the message, “Sorry Jason, I’m not that kind of girl” and went on with her night.  Still bored she turned on the TV and was looking for something to watch.  She came across what looked to be a good movie.  She began to watch it, just at the perfect time.  The hot, passionate sex scene.  He takes off her clothes, she rips his off.  She began to get turned on.  Mandy hasn’t had sex in over 6 months.  She began rubbing her pussy a little and softly thrusting her hips in excitement . The scene was over with it but she wasn’t done.  She
kept rubbing, but it wasn’t satisfying her.  She then remembered about the twitter message from Jason.  She rushed over to the computer to see if he was still online.  She typed “Is your offer still available?”  Just as she finished typing she thought.. “what am i doing?” Just than a new message popped up, “My address is 555 cock dr.  I’ll be waiting…”   Mandy quickly went upstairs to change.  She put on her sexiest black lace bra with matching black lace thong, her shortest skirt she could find, a very reveiling top and the highest pair of black heels she had.  She got in her car and drove to find Jason’s house.  It was only 10 mins from her house.  She got out and knocked at his door.  He came to the door in only a pair of very tight boxers showing his nice big bulge.  Mandy’s panties got wet from looking at his bulge.  “Hi, I’m Mandy,” she said.  “Come in..” Jason said.  Just as Jason shut the door he grabbed Mandy and kissed her passionately.  Their tongues colliding in their mouths.  Mandy’s panties got even wetter.  She couldn’t resist.  She went from being very horny to over the top horny.  Her pussy was tingling, begging to be fucked by Jason’s big cock.  Jason picked her up and threw her on his couch.
Kissing her kneck and moving down her low cut shirt. Tearing her shirt and bra off, kissing and sucking her perfect tits.  “You have amazing tits,” Jason said well taking a breath.  Mandy just giggled.  Jason then ripped off Mandy’s skirt revealing her sexy lacy panties.  He than continued kissing her tits while rubbing her pussy
through her panties.  Mandy moaned, “ohhhhhhhh.” Jason could tell she enjoyed that and went down and slowly removed her panties exposing her neatly shaved pink pussy.  Her panties were soaking wet and her pussy lips glistened from being so wet.  He couldn’t resisit and buried his face right between her legs.  Mandy moaned even louder. “Please fuck my pussy..” Mandy begged.  She couldn’t take it anymore.  She had to have his cock deep inside her pussy.  He didn’t listen, he kept licking her pussy lips and sticking his tongue inside her love hole.  She squirmed and moaned.  “Please, Jason.. Fuck me!!,” she begged again.  Jason took his boxers off exposing his big huge cock.  He teased Mandy a little with it before thrusting it deep inside  her pussy. “Yesssss!!” Kate screamed!  He turned Mandy over and began fucking her hard dogging style.  Thrust his member in and out of her creamy pussy while her tits bounced back and forth.  Mandy than pushed Jason to the couch and rode his big cock, boucing up and down on it.  “ohhhh… i’m gonna cum all over your cock,” Mandy said.   Just than she orgasmed, her pussy walls clamping over his dick covering it with her sweet cum.  When she was done she hopped off him and began sucking all her cum off his cock.  “I taste good,” she said.  She sucked hard and long and sloppy making it feel amazing on his cock.  He couldn’t take it anymore and blew his hot load right inside her
mouth, shooting it down her throat.  She didn’t mind, she kept sucking his cock harder and harder wanting to suck every last drop of cum out of him.  “WoW! That was amazing!” she said while putting her clothes back on.  “Same time next week?” Jason asked.  Mandy just giggled and walked out the door!!!


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