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AmyDarcy?s news item below speaking out against a new web site that clearly has used ladies? photos without their permission is an important reminder of the fact that while the used panty community stretches across all corners of the globe, in reality it is a ?small town? atmosphere. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire in this community, and a panty-related blip on the web is often heard by us all no matter where we are. This works well for all of us involved in the community because after all, the panty fetish is our passion.                                                                            There’s More…..

Panty Hog?s intent is to promote the used panty fetish and all of the resources on the web available for the enjoyment of the community. It saddens me when situations like this arise, and I had mixed feelings when I clicked the ?publish? button for Darcy?s item. I would so much rather be adding a positive item. On the other hand, Panty Hog exists to provide any and all panty-related news, and there is no doubt that this situation is important news. Any lady who has spent her time getting a photo just right, and publishing it where she believes it would most benefit her panty fans would understandably be angry to find that someone has taken her hard work with out so much as a ?thank you?. Stealing another?s published work is just as much theft as taking someone?s purse, car, laptop, or whatever would be. Stealing a person?s photos is even more insidious however because you are using their likeness. Obviously, if you are putting actual photos of yourself on the internet, you want to be able to choose where they are shown.

If nothing else, the site in question is a great example of how not to start a panty web site. Those contemplating starting up a new site should study it carefully. Adult content providers are numerous, and licensed photo content is now so inexpensive, that apart from the ethical considerations, it simply doesn?t make any sense to steal photos. You might save the $10.00 cost to buy photos that you can use legally on your site, but in turn you?ll quickly find that you?ve just wasted the cost of registering your domain, the cost of hosting, and all of the time you?ve spent developing the site. Do the math. Word gets out fast, and panty fans have become very good at spotting a bad deal. This might be a good place to remind everyone that all content found on Panty Hog is either copyright of Panty Hog or the individuals that have submitted it. Either way, before you can use it elsewhere, you need to ask for permission to do so.

Onto some lighter panty rants?We have had a few great entries in the writing contest. Even if you won?t contribute your own entry, please do take a look at them and cast your vote and comments. Winners of the contest will be chosen based upon your vote and comments. Thank you too to Melissa for her non-contest panty novel ?Suddenly Soaked?. It is hot; if you haven?t read it yet please check it out! We have also had some really hot additions to the photo gallery so be sure to check out the gallery area as well. We have re-vamped the Panty Hog store and partnered with Adam & Eve to bring you the best selection of adult items at the best prices. Make sure to visit the store because in addition to great items and prices, you’ll find new freebie offers all the time. Tip – Order the free printed c atalogue to get even more great free offers!

Please keep your submissions, news, photos, and suggestions coming. If you?ve been contacted with an invitation to beta test one of the new areas or features that are being worked on for eventual inclusion at Panty Hog and you haven?t contacted us with your comments, thoughts, suggestions, or questions yet, please send them in so that we can use them to assist us with the final fine-tuning.

As always, just email me anytime you need any help.

Happy Panties!
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