Chat Room Changes

Happy Halloween!Some have noticed the new start screen in the Panty Chat room. Even though you need to be logged in to Panty Hog in order to access the chat room, you now have the option to create a chat profile and password. If you do this, you will then have a profile description and photo that will show when anyone clicks your username while in chat. This feature is completely optional to use. Some may find it to be a fun feature to use, but if you don’t, simply go to chat without using the second login.?While you are logged in to Panty Hog, the chat room will show “guest” next to your username so that other users will know that they can’t click to see a profile. It is entirely up to you to choose to use the feature, not using it will not affect your use of the chat, video, or audio features. Please keep in mind that since you must be at least 18 to visit Panty Hog, any ages mentioned in the chat script provider’s terms of use will not apply to Panty Hog members.


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