Clarification – Adding Video

Summerjane's Videos at Panty HogThere has been some confusion with the launch of the new live video features at Panty Hog this week. The video the new features use comes from your webcam. You can instantly record and save a video right through the site, IM with your webcam, and chat with your webcam. However, once again, the video in this case requires a webcam and your video will saved to the member video directory.

If you have taken a video off site with a camcorder and saved it to your computer, you should instead upload it to your Panty Hog media gallery where it will be listed with your photos and/or audio recordings in your gallery. If you want to post video in your news (as I have done with Summerjane's video here), forum posts, etc. you can see how to do that here. If you need help or more in-depth instructions, just let me know. Since I used one of Summerjane's video as a sample here, I should mention that you can see more of her videos in her Panty Hog gallery


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