Let The Nominations Begin!

The 2006 Golden Panty AwardsThe top award in the used panty community will soon be up for grabs again. Nominations are now open for Used Panty Seller of the Year 2006 as well as for eighteen new categories in this year's expanded Golden Panty Awards. Please begin submitting your nominations by using the button in Awards menu to access the nomination form. Nominations may be anonymous (although nominees prefer to know who nominated them), and sellers may nominate themselves. Nominating one or more of the great ladies that make used panties possible is a terrific way to say "thank you" for all their hard work over the past year. Nominations will be accepted until 12:01 EST Sunday, December 17th. Further details regarding this year's awards will appear shortly.

Thank you to those that have already contacted us regarding sponsoring prizes for winners of the awards. Prizes and donations are still very much needed. Thank you to MikeUK for the suggestion of a quick and easy donation opportunity for everyone. There is now a prize donation box at the top of the right-hand menu area of each page. Please consider using it to donate toward the cash prize for the award winners. All donations will be directly paid out to winners. Donors will be acknowledged on the upcoming prize page, or may remain anonymous.



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