Merge Announced – Pantybid and Used Panty World to Close

Good News! The merge is here!Dear members of Panty Hog, Pantybid, Used Panty World, and the used panty community,

    After what has been over a year of consideration, research, and negotiations, I have decided that a great opportunity has come along for a partnership with an online used panty fetish selling service. As of today, both the Panty Hog web services of the Auctions and Marketplace, and will begin a merge with As a result of the merge, and will close and their urls will begin redirecting to on Friday, February 27th, 2009. The newest auction/sales listings and menu links to “Sell” and “Buy” on the Panty Hog site will also show listings from or lead to at that time.

    The main Panty Hog website,, will not be affected by the merge and will continue to provide the entire used panty fetish community with the services that it always has. This merge only affects the off-shoot selling arms of the Panty Hog.

    This merge is good news as it will strengthen Panty Hog and will create what will likely very quickly become the number one panty fetish sales and buying site on the internet. Panty Hog was started in 2004 specifically as a news, information, education, discussion, and community resource site for the entire used panty fetish community. It was never intended that Panty Hog would get involved in the sales aspect of the community because Panty Hog was created for all sellers and buyers, regardless of what selling site they used to shop or list items for sale, to meet, share news, find each other, etc. Over the years, due to seller and buyer dissatisfaction with the selection of selling sites available, Panty Hog branched out with Pantybid, and later; Used Panty World, as way to meet the needs of the community. I have been watching the availability of sales sites and now that one has finally appeared that I am very comfortable with being able to meet the expectations and desires of the used panty fetish community, I would like to bring Panty Hog back to its original intended purpose and close the selling areas of Panty Hog.  (Please click “Read More”)

 Over the past year, I have been in contact with the owners of all the major adult/panty auction/selling sites and have been discussing my desire to partner with a sales site so that I could close Pantybid and Used Panty World with full confidence that the panty community would have a viable option available. While all were interested, they were either not able to make the needed technological changes, or were unwilling to make the changes needed to provide the used panty fetish community with a safe, trustable service that could be provided free of charge (or at least offer a very good value for the money). In November, a small selling site opened that appeared to share many of the same values and philosophy that are behind Panty Hog. Through working with its owner, it is now at place that meets all of the qualifications that I had been unable to find in the past., does a very impressive job of incorporating all of the features and everything that is possible on Pantybid and Used Panty World into a single, congruent website. In addition, it includes many additional features such as video/audio/cam integration that have not been available on Pantybid and/or Used Panty World. In fact, there is no other panty fetish or adult auction/sales site on the web that comes even remotely close to what you’ll find at Best of all, like Pantybid and Used Panty World, it is completely free to use, sell, and buy. It is a very exciting addition to the used panty fetish community.


Q.  I use Pantybid and/or Used Panty World. What do I need to do?

A.   Due to the fact that is based on a completely new, custom developed website/script, we can not import your current Pantybid or Used Panty World accounts into the service. You will need to go to and register to create a new account. We can however transfer your feedback from Pantybid or your profile comments from Used Panty World for you if you would like to take that with you. To do so, you must create an account at first, and then open a ticket here at the Panty Hog helpdesk to place your transfer request. For fastest service, please include your Pantybid or Used Panty World username along with your new username on even if they are the same.


Q. Will you, PK , be involved with the running of

A. Yes, one of the points of my negotiation with a selling site, and before I would associate my name with another site was that I acquire partial ownership and have an equal say in the management of the site so that I could ensure that it met and continues to meet the standards of Panty Hog. It is my hope that with the closing of Pantybid and Used Panty World that I will have much more time to focus on the main Panty Hog site to further its value to the community. However, rest assured that until every last member of the Pantybid and/or Used Panty World family is safely moved to and happy with the transition, my number one priority will be in helping to make it a smooth transition. Anyone can contact me for help if needed.


Q. Is associated with MyPantyStore?

A. Absolutely not. Although the name is similar, has nothing at all to do with MyPantyStore. As most are aware, the MyPantyStore website has a horrendous reputation and is a serious embarrassment and black eye for the used panty fetish community. MyPantyStore is a very dangerous place for buyers and sellers to do business due to frauds, fakes and cheats, and even to your computer due to spyware/Trojans. Please make sure that you don’t confuse the address. The site you want to go to is . The “Used” makes all the difference, don’t leave it out!


Q. What can I do if have more questions?

A.  Feel free to send me a PM here or to open a ticket in the Panty Hog helpdesk.


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