The Fourth Annual Golden Panty Awards

The 2008 Golden Panty AwardsThe used panty event of the year is here again. The Golden Panty Awards will be presented during a live, interactive webcast at the end of this year. The Golden Panty Awards are given by the used panty fetish community to officially recognize used panty sellers of distinction. Winners and nominees for the awards will be permanently displayed on Panty Hog's Golden Panty Award page. Members of the used panty community will choose the winner of this awards by reviewing the bios of the nominees, and casting their votes. Second and third place Silver and Bronze awards for Seller of the Year will also be awarded. Bios of nominees will be viewable throughout the voting period. In addition to the Seller of the Year (Golden Panty Seller) award, awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • New Seller of The Year Award
  • Contributor of the Year
  • Friendliest Seller Award
  • Panty Buyer/Site Member of the Year Award

Nominees for the top award, Seller of the Year, are nominated by their peers and/or fans for having shown exemplary attention to customer service, provided quality products, offered assistance to others, and for having contributed to the general betterment of the used panty community throughout the past year. To participate in this category, the seller must have been selling for at least one year. Any Panty Hog member is eligible for nomination, and self-nomination is acceptable.

To nominate a used panty seller or panty buyer:

Anyone wishing to make a nomination should complete the nomination form located here. If a person nominating a seller is not the seller or buyer her/himself, they will be recognized as having nominated the seller. Nominations should include a brief explanation of why you believe this seller should receive the award. This explanation will appear on the nominee's bio page as a way of letting others know why you believe they should vote for the person you've nominated. Persons nominating a seller or buyer may remain anonymous if they choose. Panty Hog will contact the nominee for the information needed to develop a biography page. Nominations will be accepted until 12:01 EST, November 30, 2008. Voting will begin on December 28, 2008 and remain open for two weeks. Please watch the Panty Hog front page for more information and updates.

To sponsor the Golden Panty Awards:

Donations from individuals or businesses are being solicited at this time to add to the awards package for the winner of the award. One hundred percent of the donations will be awarded to the Golden Panty Award recipient. All businesses and individuals who sponsor/donate to the winners' prize packages will be prominently acknowledged on the Panty Hog web site throughout the running of the awards, and permanently acknowledged on the Golden Panty Award page. Cash donations, service donations (for example, paid auction listing fees, web hosting fees, art design services, photography, adult toys, memberships, etc. are just some ideas that a panty seller may find helpful). If you are interested in sponsoring/donating to the Golden Panty Award prize package, please contact us here.

To cast your vote for the Golden Panty Award:

Once the voting period begins, members of the international used panty fetish community may cast a vote once per 24-hour period. Simply visit Panty Hog and find the voting area at the top-left of the Panty Hog site pages. A three-tier anti-cheat provision has been put in place for the voting, and voting will be watched closely for any attempts to vote more than once per day.


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